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The Truth Is Just A Rule You Can Bend

Mind The Children

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13 August
Clark is love

Superman is love


I'm repmetsyrrah. I live in New Zealand and I love all things Superman (But mostly Jimmy Olsen).

I'm currently doing a BA in linguistics before studying Journalism at Canterbury University. I have two cats and a few thousand books. Some of my favorite Authors include: Eion Colfer, Tamora Pierce, Anthony Horowitz and William Nicholson to name a few.

I've started this journal mainly to post my fics and also so that I can review other people's stories as well.

Feel free to add me as a friend but please comment here if you do. My journal is currently Friends Only but I will add you if you tell me who you are (it's mainly so people without LJs can't read it).

A complete list of all my fanfiction can be found here. And if you get confused as to how many 'verses I have, a complete series list is located here.

Jimmy Olsen is love

I'm also a proud Atheist and supporter of Richard Dawkin's OUT campaign.

My epic Revelations inspired header was made by the amazing januaried
Colour bars by houseofel and repmetsyrrah
Mood Theme by mukhy0
Animation on sidebar by franblack

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