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Grace [userpic]

Dammit, Fanfiction.Net!!

January 30th, 2012 (11:32 pm)

I'm feeling: irritated

If you're fond of linking to stuff like LJ or fics in your profile page on FF.net it might look a bit strange right now (especially if you're like me and write 'click here' for everything). I was on my bio page to get some links to my fics when I noticed there were absolutely no links displaying in the bio section. Then found this on the front page of FF.net:

January 27th, 2012 -- We are taking temporary preventive measures to stop the increasing trend of spammers targeting the site. For the time being, external links within user profiles will be disabled until a long term solution is devised.
Half my profile is practically useless now and they lie, all my internal links have gone too. The links are still there when I go to edit so I really hope that means they'll be back soon. Or I'm going to have to do a major overhaul of my bio (and delete half it).

Grace [userpic]

I hate my muse...

January 30th, 2012 (03:43 pm)

I'm feeling: aggravated

So I'm on a Jimmy Olsen sort of track right now, which is all well and good because I love Jimmy. The thing that isn't good is that when I posted the first chapter of a three-part fic about Clark telling Jimmy he's Superman (Love and Other Illegal Narcotics if you haven't already seen (it's got actual plot too!)) I said I'd have the next chapter up by now (the idea was to post it all over six days because I want it out of the way). I've got it 3/4 of the second part written already so I thought I'd manage but apparently as soon as I get a fic or chapter up the muse thinks "oh, well we've got one thing up that'll do us for a while, I'm going to sleep now..." and won't wake up for ages and I'm like "BUT WE'RE SO CLOSE!!" *headdesk*


So to anyone who read the first chapter, I'm trying for tomorrow night for the next part, might need to beat the muse into submission but it'll be there, dammit!!

Grace [userpic]


January 18th, 2012 (12:44 am)

I'm feeling: giddy

My non-spoilery ramblings below the cutCollapse )

Grace [userpic]

Things to know

January 13th, 2012 (12:23 am)

I'm feeling: sleepy

All my Christmas baking is now up here at my new(ish) baking comm, funandfood.

The 2011 FicGrab Championship Round Poll is up at ES.c. If you have an account head on over, read the fics and choose your favourite!

... aaaaaand I thought there was a third public announcement too but I can't remember now. Well, I suppose I haven't officially told people that the votes came in at clois_fest and it's a yearly thing now, not six months. I'm also going to run it slightly differently next time around but I'll put an update at the comm soon.

Grace [userpic]

Fanfiction of 2011 meme

January 10th, 2012 (12:06 am)

I'm feeling: tired

Okay, so I really didn't do as much as I wanted to this year (see this post for more ramblings) but I didn't actually do as bad as I thought I would when I first saw this meme on babettew54's LJ.

In 2011, I wrote ten fanfiction stories and one chapter totalling 31,407 words. Um, fuck, I so did not realise I only posted one chapter of Revelations in 2011. One, god I fail.

My longest fan fiction in 2011 was, depending on what you mean by 'fic', either Chapter 26 of Revelations (10,413 words) or Inevitable (4,500 words).

The rest of the meme (excuse the shameless self-promoting links :P)Collapse )

Grace [userpic]


January 8th, 2012 (11:30 pm)

I'm feeling: ecstatic

There are no words for how excited I am about this. None. After the Earthquake in February I was pretty down. I rented Tangled one night and then bought it the next day because I loved it so much. For the following few weeks I watched it every day, sometimes twice, because I was feeling so down and this made me so happy. I love everything about the movie, everything. I can quote it and sing all the songs and ship Eugene/Rapunzel like there's no tomorrow. It may sound cheesy but this movie got me through some pretty depressing times and now there's more.


I may just die of happiness on the 13th...

Grace [userpic]

Updates on my goals for 2011...

January 5th, 2012 (11:39 pm)

I'm feeling: disappointed

Of which I completed pretty much none. Hopefully when I get around to doing a 2012 post it'll go better...

Can't remember the exact date I posted this list but it was before 22nd of Feb so...Collapse )

So yeah... a lot of fail there. I like to think that without the earthquakes I could have gotten a lot more of these ticked off but to be honest I'm not too sure of that.

Grace [userpic]

Happy New Year!!

January 2nd, 2012 (01:28 am)

I'm a bit late on this (it's the 2nd here :P) but I've been busy trying to show barb1808 as much of NZ as I can in the short time she's here. Hope you all had a good New Year though! And many more to come!

I only just slipped my 12days_of_clois Christmas Fic in on time, with apologies to barb1808 whom I had to abandon for an hour or so to wrap it up by midnight. I see there's still a few more days to get them in but damned if I'm going to start missing deadlines now :P

I'll post later with some resolutions- didn't get hardly any done last year but I can blame February 22nd for some of that :( Anywho, I'm off to bed now, we're heading into town tomorrow for barb1808's last day :(

Grace [userpic]

To-Do in 2011

December 31st, 2011 (11:59 pm)

I'm feeling: excited

FanfictionCollapse )

Real LifeCollapse )

That's all for now :P I have a few more personal goals which I won't share here but I'm confident about this year. I can't wait to get started! Got work tonight but I'm starting this list first thing tomorrow!

Grace [userpic]


December 25th, 2011 (02:04 am)

I'm feeling: bouncy


I know I'm ahead of everyone but I just wanted to say that whether it's Yule/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice/Kwanzaa/Hey-let's-all-give-each-other-stuff-then-eat-some-food-together-that-sounds-like-fun Day or something entirely different I hope you have an awesome time celebrating it and receive many gifts and eat much good food!!!

*hugs the f-list*

Grace [userpic]

Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

December 21st, 2011 (09:29 pm)

I'm feeling: aggravated

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

LJ did you know how much I'd want to rant about how fucked up the comments page is? This just seems too convenient... Actually, the whole site looks really screwed today. Please fix! Or you know, stop trying to fix things.

Also, bonus rant: Just saw the trailer for the Downton Abbey Christmas special and WHERE'S MY BEAUTIFUL LADY SYBIL?! (and her Branson of course). This better not be all about Mary and Matthew, no words express how much I hate them and their relationship. (Though Violet better be a boss as usual, but Maggie Smith has never let me down before so that's one thing to look forward to :P)

Grace [userpic]

Accidental - oneshot

December 20th, 2011 (10:33 am)

I'm feeling: accomplished

Title: Accidental
Fandom: Superman Returns
Characters: Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent
Word Count: 2,963
Rating: G
Summary: It was an accident, but it doesn't mean Jimmy's just going to forgive Clark.
Author’s Note: Written for barb1808 who requested a fic in which a door was important and then six months later finally gets it :P. Hope you like it! Set in my Poison-verse but can stand alone.

It had to happen, but not like this...Collapse )

Grace [userpic]

I love my mother... most of the time.

December 17th, 2011 (01:58 am)

I'm feeling: annoyed

Cut for semi-angsty whining and more swear words than I usually ever say on LJCollapse )

Grace [userpic]

New comm!

December 14th, 2011 (08:39 pm)

I'm feeling: chipper

So I decided to make a baking blog a few weeks ago and I only just, finally, got around to sorting it out :P

I've only got a welcome post and a cookie recipe up right now but there's a lot more coming.

Check it out: funandfood

Grace [userpic]

Hey all!

December 5th, 2011 (01:02 am)

I'm feeling: tired

Long time, no see! Sorry I've been absent from posting/commenting much. Life got away from me a bit, as did the other sites I'm selling my soul to :P (sorry, LJ, going where the action is...) Anywho, bigger update tomorrow or soon (because when I say tomorrow it never works out :P).

For now, just stopping by to say all's well and, in fact, better than well because in a little less than 25 days I'll be seeing barb1808!!! She's coming all the way down under for a visit and I get to have her for a whole four and a half days!! *happy dance* *flail* Can't wait!!!

Wow, so it's 1am now, I'll pop by tomorrow/later today with at least a f-locked post about how my new job is going (hint: awesome! :P). For now, night all!

Grace [userpic]


November 20th, 2011 (07:15 pm)

So I kinda haven't finished either of the posts I said I would...

Now is an inconvenient time to remember too because I'm at my friend's flat for a party with no access to my earthquake pics or my fanfic recs. The latter of which btw, has turned into my pet project :P The Merlin fic is taking over too... Stupid insanely awesome writers.

Anyway, I'll try to update again tomorrow but the moral of the story is don't rely on Grace. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go set up the chocolate fountain, prepare the candy floss maker and pour my some vodka!

Have a good night everyone, I know I will :P

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Grace [userpic]

The Hunger Games Trailer!

November 15th, 2011 (10:11 am)

I'm feeling: excited

Ahh! So exited for this movie!

My thoughts! (while watching :P)Collapse )

What about you guys?

Grace [userpic]

Are there any Whovians on the f-list?

November 3rd, 2011 (01:13 am)

I'm feeling: bouncy

And if not, go watch Doctor Who, now! If you are and you've been under a rock for the past few days, this YouTube video for David Tennant's farewell is required viewing. (and yes, Stormy in my icon's from Eleven's run but memes will be memes :P)

Click the cut to see an Ood dance :PCollapse )

Also, Sue from catering you win at life (and Tumblr :P).

Grace [userpic]

I won an award!!

October 23rd, 2011 (02:30 pm)

I'm feeling: cheerful

I never expected to ever win an award for Best Foriegn Language Fanfic but that's what I get for posting Two To Tango on the German fansite :P

The banner having YJ!Superboy on it makes me even happier too :P I really need to stop lurking and try to post more there :P

Grace [userpic]

Not Always Good

October 21st, 2011 (06:30 pm)

I'm feeling: blah

So I gave this to my beta with the words 'I wrote this yesterday but I think it's weird, not sure if I'll post it'. But then I put it on Tumblr and three people liked it so it must be okay :P It doesn't have too much of a plot but the whole convo just popped into my head a few days ago and I was like: That is so my Lois, I have to write it. So, hope you like it.

Title: Not Always Good
Author: Repmet(syrrah)
Word Count: 1,213
Fandom: DCU
Summary: Lois Lane’s daughter is proud to be like her Mom but her mother isn’t so sure this is always a good thing. Oneshot.
Author’s Note: Haven’t written anything in ages, sorry if I’m out of practice :P No knowledge of any of my other fics needed. Technically set several years post Superman Returns but nothing specific to that universe is mentioned. Though readers of my Revelations series will recognise Sophie.

Like mother, like daughter...Collapse )