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Grace [userpic]

Chapter Index- Revelations

June 26th, 2009 (05:59 pm)

I'm feeling: calm

Okay, so Revelations getting kinda long (both in what I've posted and what I have planned) so I've made an easy little index table where I can add each chapter when posted and also to link to when I promote it on other comms.

Act I
02.Reactions: The Kids- Part I
03.Reactions: The Kids- Part II
04.Reactions: The Friends and Exs
05.Day One
06.Secrets, Lies and Saving Lives
07.Not Who You Thought I Was
08.The Time Has Come...
09.Life As We Know It
10.The Same, But Different
11....To Talk Of Many Things
12.Quantum Cats And Other Random Facts
13.On The Edge
14.Tipping Point
15.Falling Is Harder Than Flying
Act II
16.Through The Eyes Of Others
17.No More Secrets
19.Get Back Up Again (Part One)
20.Get Back Up Again (Part Two)
21.Seven Days
22.For Better Or Worse
23.Day One, Take Two
24.Never Again
25.Together In Solitude
26.The People You Care For