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Grace [userpic]

Revelations: Chapter Two

June 8th, 2009 (08:16 am)

I'm feeling: chipper

And here's Chapter Two. This is the first chapter of reactions, this was originally mean to contain all six kids but it got way too long so I split it up. Seen as this story kinda just jumps right in to the aftermath there are a few things in this chapter that need expanding on (such as why Jason has such and interesting (well, I think it's interesting) job and how Sophie got... where she is) which will all get there turn to be told. Okay, seriously before I spoil the whole thing or ramble too much here we go!


Jason Matthew White Kent, Marina Production Studios, New York

Jason was starting to worry that his face might split from the size of the grin on his face but he couldn’t help it. He was going to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loved and he thought that was something he was allowed to smile about.

“Jase!” He turned around as the door to his dressing room burst open and his two co-hosts burst in.

“What did she say?” Kate asked, taking a seat next to him.

Tristan laughed. “Look at his face, of course she said yes. Shot, man,” he said to Jason, holding up his hand for a high-five which Jason returned.

Kate made a sort of high-pitch squeal, similar to the sound Evelyn had made when Jason had showed her the ring, causing the boys to look at her strangely. “Oh my God,” she cried, bouncing up to envelop him in a hug. “When’s the wedding? Am I invited? How’s Evie? Is she like totally stunned?”

“Calm down.” Jason laughed as he extracted himself from her grip. “Of course you’re both invited but we only just got engaged last night- we haven’t thought as far as the wedding and stuff, just give us a chance to get used to the idea, okay?”

“Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way,” Tristan began, flopping down on the couch in the corner of the room, “we should probably warn you that Davis is on the warpath again.”

Jason sighed, the size of his smile decreasing ever so slightly. Harry Davis was a producer on the popular after-school kids TV show BreakOut of which Jason was a host along with Kate and Tristan. It wasn’t a career he’d ever seen himself in but he couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

However Jason’s high opinions of the show weren’t shared by Davis who was a grumpy old producer who’d been put on the show despite his protests and tried every way to make life as difficult as possible for the cast and crew. “What does he want now?” Jason asked, kicking Tristan’s feet off his clean coffee table.

“He doesn’t like the start, he wants to get rid of the Wall.”

Jason stared at Tristan in disbelief, “Get rid of the Wall? Has he lost it or something? The kids love the Wall, the title doesn’t really make sense without the Wall.” Jason could hardly believe Davis would suggest something like this. The Wall was a fake brick wall that the hosts came smashing through at the start of the show- it had been there since the very beginning, hence the name BreakOut. When Jason had joined the show three years ago he did recall thinking it was a bit stupid but the kids loved it, the title really made a lot more sense with it and, although Jason was always professional about his acting, he had to admit smashing down a wall was great way to start work.

“All the kids or just your little brother?” Kate asked with a small grin.

“Hey, I’ll have you know Chris has excellent taste,” Jason defended his brother. “Don’t tell me you think this is a good idea.”

Kate shrugged. “Apparently he’s got the stats that prove some kids do try and ‘break out’ of school by running into brick walls.”

“What?” Jason asked, sharing a baffled look with Tristan, “That has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.”

"More stupid than the time Tristan tried to hit on your sister by claiming that Superman was his- what did you call him again, Tristan?” she asked, grinning, “your ‘homeboy‘?”

“Hey,” Tristan protested as Jason and Kate laughed, “In my defense, I was drunk, she was hot and I had no idea her mother was Lois Lane.”

“You'll keep your hands off all my sisters if you want to live,” Jason warned, not telling him that it wasn’t who his mother was that he should’ve been worried about. Needless to say, Clark had found the whole event rather amusing when Sophie told him later.

“Anyway, we need to get to rehearsal, c’mon,” Kate said, getting up a gesturing for the boys to do the same. “Monday show- kids need this one to get them through the week.”

Kate reached for the door but it opened before her hand reached it and Leo Trent stumbled in, looking flustered. Mr. Trent was the media rep. and the newest producer of BreakOut and the cast’s favorite by far- he had a genuine passion for the show and seemed to actually value their opinions. “Jason!” he yelled, making them all jump, “thank god you’re here.”

“Hey, Leo. What‘s going on?” Jason greeting him, confused by his sudden and urgent appearance.

Leo looked at Kate and Tristan before turning to shut the door firmly behind him leaving the four of them in the now, rather cramped, dressing room. “Take this,” he ordered Jason, holding out a folder. “These are forms for leave in the case of a family emergency. You just took a week off.”

“A week?” Tristan asked in shook as Jason took the forms, still frowning in confusion. “Why? Did something happen?” he looked from his producer to his friend in concern.

“Something, yeah, something happened,” Leo agreed, “Jason you have to sign those and leave as soon as you can- before the other producers find out what’s happening and come here.”

“Why?” Jason asked, fear wrapping around his chest, “What happened to my family? Is it my Mom?”

“No, it’s your Dad,” Leo informed him, glancing at his watch then at the blank TV nervously.

“What about his Dad?” Kate asked when Jason failed to respond, choosing only to gape at the other man.

“Oh, haven’t you heard?” Leo seemed surprised, “Clark Kent is apparently Superman and since Jason’s his son, the reporters are already arriving outside.”

Jason wasn’t sure what was happening but it seemed to him like the world stopped moving right at that moment. “What?” he asked, only able to summon up a whisper as he stared at Leo in disbelief. The thought that Leo could be joking never even crossed his mind- Leo had never meet his Dad for one, as Clark or Superman, so what on Earth would make him say something like that unless he’d heard it somewhere else.

“Here.” Leo turned on the TV, Tristan and Kate leaned forward for a better view but Jason couldn’t move.

He focused his hearing and vision towards the front of the building when there were two vans for a local news station and a nation-wide one un-loading gear.

“C’mon, hurry, hurry,” A woman yelled to a cameraman as she jumped from one of the vans. “We need to get this shot now.” She pulled out a microphone from the seat and checked her hair it the window before taking up a position by the door.

“Jason, is it true?” Tristan asked, pulling his mind back into the dressing room.

He turned to the TV and saw the same woman from outside was now in the screen talking breathlessly. “I’m here outside Marina Production Studios in New York where the popular after-school, children's TV show ‘BreakOutis filmed. A short while ago it was revealed that one of the hosts, 26-year-old Jason Kent, is in fact the son of Clark Kent, also known as Superman.”

And that was the first time Jason saw the picture. The world would come to know it well in the next few months but right then it was almost impossible for Jason’s brain to register what her was seeing. His father, Clark Kent, stood in the middle of a crowd with is glasses gone and his suit ripped open revealing the S shield.

“Oh my God,” he gasped. “I have to go.”

“Sign these,” Leo told him again, holding out the forms, “They’ll buy you a week before the other producers are going to want you back to boost ratings.” Jason signed the forms and handed them back. “Good, now go see your family or your girlfriend or whatever.”

“Actually she’s his fiancée now,” Tristan informed him with a grin, slapping Jason on the back, the ordinariness of the simple gesture seeming rather absurd at that moment but showing he still considered him a friend and making Jason feel a little better.

“Oh, good for you,” Leo congratulated him, “I have to go tell the others,” he said waving the forms, “Be gone by the time I get back,” he ordered Jason.

“So it’s true? You’re like half alien?” Kate asked once he’d left.

“Ummm, you know there are other people I need to talk to about this first,” Jason told her and Tristan, trying not to let her question bother him.

“So it is true?” Kate persisted, looking at him in a odd way which was making him uncomfortable.

“I really have to go,” Jason told her, “See ya.” He ran out the door, blurring into superspeed only as soon as he was around out of sight, not wanting to confirm anything until he knew if there was a way out of this.

Kate, dont be like that.He heard Tristan say as he tuned his hearing back the dressing room. Even if that is true hes still our friend, hes still going to be Jason.

No, hes not. Now hes the son of Superman.

Jason stopped listening, not sure he wanted to hear more. He leapt into the air, rising too quickly for anyone to see him from the ground. As soon as he was above the clouds he stopped and pulled out his phone, pressing 1 on the speed dial.

“Hello, Evelyn Jones speaking,” answered the voice on the end.

“Hey, Evie,” Jason said, relaxing slightly. It still amazed him that one person could make him feel that way, just the sound of her voice made him feel like everything was going to be okay.

“Oh my God, have you seen the news?” she cried, “I was trying to call you but-”

“I saw,” he interrupted her, “do you think it’s real?”

There was a pause before Evelyn spoke again, slower this time as if she was choosing her words carefully. “Jason, have you seen the tape? It’s pretty convincing, and even if it that picture was some huge prank, the evidence against your Dad is way too convincing. Didn’t you tell me the half the reason his disguise worked was that no one thought to look in the first place?”

Jason couldn’t think straight, Clark and always warned his kids how dangerous the secret could be if it got out and Jason knew better than most. He still had bad dreams about being locked in the pantry on Luthor’s yacht as it slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean.

“Jase, are you still there?”

“Yeah,” he replied, pressing his hand to his temple as he tried to figure out what to do next. “I need to call the others- this is all over the news but I’ll try and contact them anyway.”

“Okay,” Evie agreed, “and then you should go find your parents, I saw your Mom there too, maybe they can tell you what’s going on.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come home?” he asked, “the media could be coming any minute.”

“I’m not at home,” Evelyn assured him, “I’m at my sister’s place, she lives on the twenty-third floor so even if they do find me they’re not going to see much from down there.”

“Are you sure?” Jason asked again, he hated the idea of leaving her.

“Yes, I’m sure. This sounds like a family thing anyway,” she replied.

“Didn’t you agree this morning to become part of my family?” Jason asked her softly.

“You know what I mean,” he could hear his fiancée smile on the other end.

“I love you,” he replied simply.

“I love you too, now go,” she ordered him.

He went.


Sophie Joanne Kent, Harvard Law School, Massachusetts

“Flat white and a chai latte,” Dani called to the counter as she entered the café.

“Dani,” Sophie, her friend and roommate frowned as they sat down.

Dani rolled her eyes, “Sorry,” she muttered, before turning back to the counter, “Please,” she yelled at the server’s back. “Anyway, where were we?”

Sophie sighed, knowing it was pointless to try and get Dani to act like a normal person. “I don’t think I can go out on Monday, I’ve got a test the next day-“

“Yeah but that’s not ‘till five,” Dani interrupted, ‘C’mon, Soph- one night ain’t going to kill you.”

“Yeah, but-“

“And it’ll be the perfect place to meet guys,” Dani continued, so intent on convincing her friend to join her that she didn’t even thank the man who delivered their drinks. Sophie sighed as she picked up her flat white and sipped it, letting Dani babble on to her heart’s content. “- music and dancing and free drinks-“

“You mean there’s going to be lots of drunk people there,” Sophie interrupted Dani this time, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, I doubt it’ll be that bad, and besides it’s not like you’d ever get drunk little miss goodie-two-shoes. I don’t even think you can,” she told her with a frown.

Sophie lifted her cup again to hide the smile on her face. She had gained a reputation for her unusually high tolerance for drink after she had needed some extra cash for a jacket she wanted and challenged Dani’s then-boyfriend to a drinking contest. She had only intended to beat him but then there had been more money and more drinks and things had gotten away from her.

On the upside it meant everyone was too hung-over the next morning to notice that she wasn’t. Of course afterwards she had been challenged everywhere she went on campus and she was getting a bit tired of it. Dani and Natalie, her roommates, had asked incessantly for her secret, she had told them the truth- that she got it from her Dad. The fact that said Dad was also Superman and hence invulnerable to almost everything- including alcohol didn't hurt either.

“So anyway,” Sophie started, cutting through whatever Dani had been going on about at that moment, “I was thinking we should start planning Natalie’s twenty-first.”

“Aw, man,” Dani complained, “Do I have to be involved? I hate keeping secrets."

"Only because you can't do it," Sophie retorted, rolling her eyes. "Now, look, Nat doesn't want a party at all, so we're just going to invite a few people and they'll jump up, yell 'surprise' then just hang like any other day and go out for drinks afterwards. That way it's a surprise party but not with the whole partying. You know what I mean?"

"No," Dani replied honestly. “why do we even have to throw her a party, she’s only been our roommate for a couple of weeks.”

“Six months, actually,” Sophie corrected her, with another eye roll. “Look, just help me will you? I can organize food, drinks and people and all I’ll need you to do is keep her away for the day.”

“Do I ha-“

“Yes,” Sophie snapped at her before she could finish her question. “look, Nat’s really nice when you get to know her, I don’t know why you won’t just give her a chance.”

“No, I like her well enough,” Dani explained, “I just don’t see why she can’t organize her own party like the rest of us.”

“Dani, you haven’t thrown your own party since primary school,” Sophie reminded her. “I- hang on,” she muttered as her phone buzzed.

One New Message From: Jason flashed up, Sophie grinned, she’d spoken to her brother just this morning as she tried to help him through his nerves of proposing and told him about their parent’s plans at the hospital.

She flipped open her phone, hoping the text had something to do with a future sister-in-law but instead all she saw was a rather cryptic message: Turn on your TV now and meet me in Met.

“What is it? Did she say yes?” Dani asked in a slightly disappointed tone, she’d always had a small crush on Sophie’s older brother and had been less than happy when he had told his sister he was planning to marry his girlfriend.

“Umm, I don’t know,” Sophie said, still frowning. She turned to look at the television in the corner of the café, the sound was turned off but she felt her stomach flip as she saw Jason’s and then her own face appear on it followed by her brother Dean, her sisters, Lucy and Ella and finally Chris before switching to a picture of her Dad next to a picture of Superman.

“No way,” she breathed, her heart hammering in her chest as she tried to understand what was going on.

“What are you looking at?” Dani asked, turning to follow her gaze but the image had now changed to the news reporter sitting at his desk talking to the camera. “Why is it turned on to the news at this time of day?” she asked absentmindedly. “Anyway, I guess I could try and… Soph, are you listening?”

“I need to go back to the apartment, now.” Sophie stood up suddenly and left her half-full drink on the table as she dashed outside.

“Wait, what?” She heard Dani exclaim as she tried to get up and follow her. “Sophie, what’s going on? Wait!”

Sophie sidestepped around a group of student as she tried to get back to her apartment as fast as possible without resorting to her powers. Its probably some sort of stupid prank or a misunderstanding or maybe Dad just got a really good interview with Superman and they put both their pictures up at the same time so that they could save time and get onto real news.

The last explanation actually sounded a little plausible which made her feel slightly better but not by much, sure her Dad could‘ve got a good interview with Superman, he had written about himself in the past but even her Mom didn‘t do the super-stories much anymore so that people would stop thinking they were an item. And even if it was just her Dad why had there been photos of her up there? She was desperate to turn on a TV and find out what was really going on.

“Sophie Kent, what is going on?” Dani yelled, running to catch up with her. “What the hell, Soph? You didn’t even pay and- where are we going?” she asked as Sophie broke into a run again.

Their apartment was just off campus and it only took her two minutes to arrive, going slightly faster than normal. Ignoring her friend she sped up the stairs and burst into the room, she paused slightly, looking around the small living room in surprise. “We really need to clean up after ourselves,” she muttered, wondering why it looked like a tornado had been through it. She shrugged, Dani had probably just lost something again.

She switched on the TV and picked up the remote to change it to a news channel but was only slightly surprised to find she didn’t need to. “-hours ago these images were captured on over thirty different sources and if they are to be believed then the reporter Clark Kent is, in reality, a disguise for Superman to allow-”

Sophie changed the channel, this had to be some sort of sick joke. The next channel was CNN, a panel of three people sat in front of a large screen displaying a picture of her father without his glasses and with his plain brown suit ripped down the front revealing the familiar red insignia. “- lying. I mean, Clark Kent was raised in Kansas by these farmers, maybe he’s not an alien at all-” one man was saying.

“Of course he is,” the woman to his left interrupted like she actually had any idea what she was talking about. “Mr. Kent was raised in Smallville but there are adoption records for him, clearly he was only lying about how old he was when he came to Earth.”

“When did you ever ask him?” Sophie yelled at the TV, finally snapping out of her daze. She had no idea what was going to happen now that the world apparently knew the secret but she wasn’t an idiot, she knew her friends were now in danger just from knowing her.

And speaking of friends, “Oh my God, was there and explosion in here?” Dani asked as she stumbled in, panting and out of breath. “What the hell just happened, we were in the café and then suddenly you had to- hey is that your Dad?” she asked as a picture of Clark accepting his Pulitzer Prize four years ago appeared on the screen.

“Clearly having Superman for a Dad isn‘t that bad,” one of the panel members said in a voice-over, “I mean, his son practically has his own TV show and his daughter’s at Harvard-”

“Wait, are they talking about you?” Dani asked, “Why are you on CNN? Seriously, Soph! What the hell…” she trailed off as the video played yet again. “Oh my God.”

“But should she be?” one of the commentators asked as her father’s glasses were blown off again. “I mean, clearly she’ll have some advantage over her fellow students, that’s not even taking into account if those Kryptonian-human half-breeds have the same rights as-”

“Your Dad’s Superman?” Dani asked, her eyes as wide as dinner plates as she stared from Sophie to the TV and back again. “Glasses, seriously? That‘s insane, hey can you fly?”

“What?” Sophie looked at Dani like she’d just grown another head. “Of course I can. Are you more surprised?”

“Oh, please every superhero has a secret identity, I’m not surprised about that, although I am surprised it’s your Dad. Hey, did you know?”

“What? Of course I knew, he’s my Dad. But no one else was supposed to- we’ll not the whole world anyway,” Sophie explained, muting the TV. So this had been what Jason had wanted her to see, she wondered where he’d been when he found out- and how Evelyn had taken the news. Maybe the reason she hadn’t received a message about that was that she’d been so angry at him for keeping it a secret. Their parents had always been adamant about no one knowing who their father was- Jason hadn’t spoken to them for a week after they’d told him he wasn’t allowed to tell his girlfriend.

“Oh, my God, I can’t believe he wore glasses to hide, I mean when you see them both like that,” Dani said, indicating to the pictures of Clark and Superman side-by-side on the screen, “it’s so obvious.”

Sophie switched off the TV, ignoring Dani’s protests. “Sorry,” she muttered, “but I can’t watch that right now.”

“It’s cool.” Dani shrugged, “I guess you guys kept it quiet ’cause all the criminals your Dad put in prison might come looking for you,” she said, surprising Sophie with her calm rational statement. “But, seriously, why is you apartment to messy, did we get robbed?”

“Nothing’s missing,” Sophie replied, glad to be focusing on something else for a while. She checked with her X-ray vision and found the other rooms untouched, all except for her bedroom. “Someone’s been in my room,” she exclaimed, getting up to look.

“Wow, is anything missing?” Dani asked, following her into her trashed bedroom. Sophie took a closer look, narrowing her eyes in concentration as she sorted through the room. “Hey, are you using X-ray vision?” Dani realized, “That is so cool, my best friend has X-ray vision, I cannot believe this.”

“I can’t tell if anything’s missing,” Sophie said, shaking her head. “But look, my brother told me to meet him in Metropolis so I think I should go see what’s going on and see if we can sort this out.”

“How are you going to get to… oh,” Dani realized, “you can fly, right.”

“Hey, look, the media might come looking so maybe you should go stay at…” Sophie frowned, “is it Matt?”

“No, I dumped him, I’m going out with Phil now,” Dani told her.

Sophie rolled her eyes, even with her memory she had trouble keeping track of who her roommate was dating, it seemed like she had a new one every week. “Okay, just go stay there.”

“Wait, why would the media want to talk to me, I’m Superman’s kid’s friend, isn’t that one too removed?” Dani asked, reminding Sophie that not all kids grew up in the bullpen of a major metropolitan newspaper.

“Just do it, please?”

“Fine,” Dani agreed, “but on one condition, you fly me to Paris for New Years. I can‘t believe all the cheap travel I‘ve been missing out on.”

Sophie rolled her eyes yet again, if she remained friends with Dani she swore one day they’d fall out completely. “Deal,” she agreed, ignoring the startled gasp from behind her as she leapt out the window and up into the air.

It was time to find out what the hell was going on.


Dean Jonathan Kent, Holiday Inn Campground, Australia

Wandering around outside in a strange new place filled with strange people at four in the morning probably wasn’t the best thing to do when one was not entirely sober. Which is why Dean Kent was keeping a very close eye on his friends as they tried to walk in straight lines down the paths.

The group, which included Dean, his two friends, Will, Kyle and Georgia and Kyle’s girlfriend, Jackie had been backpacking around Australia for almost two months now and it had become a tradition to have a few celebratory drinks and go exploring whenever they reached a new camping ground.

Unfortunately, due to an upside-down map, they had arrived at their current one shortly after midnight and Dean’s suggestion of waiting until the morning had been scorned at for being soft and wimpy, so Dean, as the only sober one thanks to his uniquely high tolerance for alcohol had taken it upon himself to play caregiver to his four friends. After all, what was safer thanbeing with the son of Superman? He’d already discreetly saved them from harm more than a few times during the trip, using his unique abilities. He was slightly worried Kyle might be suspecting something but he doubted he’d ever guess the truth.

“Look, it’s a kangaroo!” Jackie squealed excitedly, interrupting his train of thought.

“Actually, sweetheart,” Kyle corrected her, being the least drunk aside from Dean, “that’s a tree.”

“Well it could be a kangaroo!” Jackie protested stubbornly, stamping her foot.

“Of course it could be, dear,” Kyle agreed, patting her on the back while shooting Dean an exasperated look that seemed to say, why is she here again?

Shes your girlfriend, Dean reminded him with an eye roll. He’d been against bringing Jackie from the start. The trip was originally only supposed to be the four of them, they’d decided to see the world before going to University. Dean had already seen most of it, having learnt to fly earlier than expected at fourteen but he didn‘t feel ready for another couple of years of study and traveling the world the normal way didn‘t seem too bad.

“I think we should go back, now,” Kyle suggested a few minutes later when Jackie tried to climb a tree in an attempt to find a kangaroo.

“Agreed,” Dean seconded quickly. Will and Georgia didn’t seem to have any protests but Jackie complained loudly the whole way the she hadn’t seen a kangaroo yet. “How much did she have?” he asked Kyle quietly when they returned to their site, watching as Will and Georgia climbed into their tents while Jackie lay down outside hers and tried to get undressed without getting up.

“A bit too much I think,” Kyle said in an apologetic tone, well aware of the protests the other members of the group had voice when he’d asked if his girlfriend could come. “I’ll go find some water or something. In fact those two will probably want to drink some as well.”

“I’ll get it,” Dean offered, knowing it would be much safer for him than his friend, “just, get her inside or something,” he suggested as Jackie started pulling off her pants.

The communal kitchen wasn’t too far from their site and it was open all night so Dean quickly collected their bottles and headed towards it. He wasn’t surprised to find it occupied by a few other campers, he nodded politely as he entered and started filling the bottles from the specially filtered tap. It was quite a relief after having to boil all the drinking water first at all the other campsites.

“Just arrive?” a woman making a sandwich on the bench next to him asked.

“Yeah,” Dean replied simply, not a fan of small talk but not wanting to be rude.

“Oh, you American?” she asked, Dean nodded politely. “Don’t get many Americans in this site,” the woman continued, “generally just the Kiwis here. All the Americans go up the road to the fancy one with flushing toilets.”

“We just stopped at the first one we came too,” Dean admitted, wishing the tap would fill the bottles faster.

“Oh, of course. I probably shouldn’t have told you that, my husband owns this place- I just came into this kitchen ’cause he’s watching the rugby and I can’t stand it.” She shuddered and then laughed loudly, drawing a few stares.

Dean just smiled as the last bottle filled to the top. “That’s nice,” he said rather lamely, “I gotta get back now.”

“Well, I’ll be seeing you then,” the woman called, “I’m Livia Greg by the way,” she said as a way of goodbye.

“Er, Dean Kent,” Dean replied, not wanting to be rude but slowly edging towards the door.

One of the men on the sofa turned around at that and laughed. Dean looked at him in confusion, wondering what he’d said. “Sorry,” the man apologized, getting up and stumbling over to him. “but I can see that, you’re really tall and from America, like Superman.”

Dean inwardly winced, he’d been six foot by the time he was sixteen and the size of his father by the time he’d left school. It wasn’t the first time someone had compared him to his father’s alter-ego because of his size but half of them would then try and pick fights with him to show they could beat him. Dean was a pacifist by nature and he hated it when people tried to attack him just to prove they were tough.

“He’s like Superman, see,” the man turned to Livia, “Kent, from America, and look how big he is.”

“Er, I don’t want any trouble,” Dean tried, gently pushing the man away.

“Oh, don’t you worry about him,” Livia assured Dean, “he’s had a few too many tonight, not thinking right.”

Really? Dean wanted to ask sarcastically but instead he just smiled, the man wasn’t quite finished however. “No, no, no, you don’t get it, doesn’t anyone listen to the radio? It just happened, they found Superman in America or something and-”

“Okay, that’s nice,” Dean interrupted the man’s increasingly incoherent speech, “but I gotta go.”

“Okay,” the man grinned, “bye, Superman!” he called as Dean left.

“That was weird,” Dean muttered to himself as he headed back towards the campsite. His Dad must’ve been on the news lately or something, he hoped it wasn’t anything serious.



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Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: June 8th, 2009 08:14 am (UTC)
SR; Jason; Kiddo

Thanks! He does find out eventually (of course!) but I thought it would be interesting if he didn't quite know it when he was told the first time. While Lois and Clark feature heavily, this story focuses a lot on the children, which is one of the reasons there is so many, some take it in their stride, others learn to deal and some don't take it well at all.

I'll be doing weekly updates for this fic, every Monday (NZ time) but I'll be posting spoilers on my sidebar and on the Planet forums.

Posted by: Barbara (htbthomas)
Posted at: June 11th, 2009 06:19 pm (UTC)
Supes SR Comic

Oh, what a great set of reactions! Each of the kids had their own situations to deal with, and I can't wait to read the next set. :)

Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: June 11th, 2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
SR; Jason; Kiddo

Thanks! That's part of the reason I gave them six kids- so that I could explore so many different situations and the effects the reveal will have on them.

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