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Grace [userpic]

Ficcish index

January 5th, 2009 (08:36 pm)

I'm feeling: giggly

A complete index of all my Fanfiction- Updated 09 Aug 10

Currently only Superman but hopefully more to follow.


Better To Hope
Zod has won, Kal-El is dead and now Lois must find a way to save humanity's last hope.

Clark teaches Jason to fly. Fluffy, plotless father/son bonding.

Haven't Met You Yet
Lois has a lot to think about following a surprise revelation.

A response to Jord-El's challenge on the Planet. Lois and Clark both have some thinking to do, advice is given and decisions made. Oneshot.

Pre-SR. Richard White discovers something and comes to a decision.

Almost Empty
Lois finally has the conversation she's been avoiding, but it doesn't quite go how she expected.

When an investigation takes a dangerous turn, Lois finds herself remembering someone who’s always been there for her, even if she’s never realized it until now.

Get Well Soon
Jason visits Superman in the hospital after he falls and makes a promise to the hero.

For Jason
Clark’s enjoying a lovely Valentine’s Day wallowing in self-pity before he gets a wake up call from the most unexpected place.

Shared Sorrow
Jason asks Clark about his Grandpa Jonathan.

Left Behind
Lois feels lonely in the wake of Clark’s absence and a friend offers her comfort. Slight Lois/Jimmy- No, really.

When You Call
Lois finds herself in a unfortunate situation and is forced to call upon the one man she’s been avoiding, but did she really call him for just a lift?

My take on Lois and Clark's lives after Superman Returns.

A Neoteric Sobriquet
Lois knows the truth but Clark Kent is a bigger mystery than she first thought.

A Good Excuse
Lois' New Years resolution isn't one Clark expects and Clark discovers something neither of them expect.

Not Perfect
Lois just wants a perfect night with her husband but real life tends to get in the way.

Set 7 years post SR, Lois and Clark are happily married but when a virus that only targets Kryptonian DNA attacks more than one person the Kents find themselves fighting not only for their lives but their secret as well.

Hoedown Throwdown
It’s Martha’s birthday and the family are heading to Smallville to celebrate, however, not everyone’s happy with the arrangement.

Clark's dual lives aren't fitting together as well as they used to and it's starting to take its toll. Fortunately, he has someone to help him get things back in balance again.

Outsiders Series
This is a series I'm writing for dcu_freeforall challenge table at LiveJournal. It's a series of semi-related oneshots about the lives of ordinary people living in a world with a Superman. Can all stand alone but listed in chronological order for convenience.

But I Get Up Again
Ryan Sandler had worked at the Daily Planet for four years and ten months when he was handed the story that changed his life. But not in the way you'd think.

World Wide Weird
During a slow day at work two Daily Planet employees try to amuse themselves and make a strange discovery.

Place Your Bets
A chance encounter in a store leads to an opportunity for two lesser known reporters to make their Christmas bonus just a bit bigger.

To All A Good Night
Gemma Out is the only sober person in the bullpen on Christmas Eve so naturally she's the one that has to drive halfway across town to report on the latest Superman news. But it doesn't turn out as boring as she expected.

The Kent family have to deal with the consequences when Clark is forced to reveal his identity to the world.

In A Name
Sometimes answers just lead to more questions.

He Knows
Written via request. Clark's thoughts on his children as they come into the world.

Married, With Children
In all the places Lois ever imagined her life to lead, this was not one of them.

A Wise Choice
Lois and Clark have trouble picking a name for their new little girl.

Career Change
It's Clark's last day at the Planet before he leaves for his new 'job' and everyone has an opinion about his choice.

I Can Explain
Clark slips momentarily and Perry White sees something he shouldn’t have causing him to jump to conclusions- but is there really a good explanation?

Love Story
Lois and Clark tell their kids a fairytale about how they got married.

The Bestest Present Ever
Something strange is afoot on Christmas morning at the Kent house. The twins decide to investigate but what they find is certainly not what they expected.

Two To Tango
It takes two to tango. Yet Lois knows this whole mess is Clark’s fault- she just needs to prove it.

Family Picnic
Lois and Clark haven't had a moment's peace since their youngest son arrived nine months ago and it's starting to show.

A Chance Worth Taking
Jason decides to take a chance on New Years. Jason/Evelyn.

Not Given Lightly
Evelyn Jones knew dating the son of Lois Lane would hold a few surprises, but Jason’s about to reveal one she'd never suspected.

When an accident forces Clark to reveal his identity to the world the Kents' lives will never be the same again. Future-fic.

Lois and Clark deal with the immediate aftermath of an accident with devastating consequences. A different sort of reveal-fic.

Over The Rainbow
Richard imagines what might have been- and realizes how lucky he is that all his dreams didn't come true after all.

Raising Clark
A series of moments about Jonathan and Martha Kent's struggles and triumphs as they raise the boy who would grow up to be a hero.

Clark is six the first time his parents realize just how different he really is.

Clark is eight the first time he realises just how different he really is.


Posted by: Ms-NthngSpcl (triadchild)
Posted at: January 5th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)


...you've written a LOT!

Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: January 5th, 2009 08:49 pm (UTC)
Brandon; Evil Grin

Lol, I know and it's all this year too. *giggle*

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