Grace (repmetsyrrah) wrote,

I feel like I should say it officially

Even though it's extremely obvious by now:

I'm not coming back to LJ and I'm almost certainly not coming back to Superman.

I've moved to Tumblr, it seems that's where everyone's at, I'm not sure whether it's the site or that fact I'm in a bigger fandom but I find I talk to people a lot more than I did here.

I don't know about Superman entirely. I still have some inspiration, not much, and I still can't quite get over the reboot.

Anyway, that's about it. I enjoyed my time here and I think I won't delete this (at least for now) but if you need me, this is where I am.
Tags: goodbye, i still get pms though, until i decide to delete this, which let's face it, will probably happen eventually
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