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Grace [userpic]

3 Sybil/Branson Drabbles (spoilers for 3x05)

October 19th, 2012 (01:26 pm)

I'm feeling: sad

I come bearing more drabbles.

All Sybil/Branson, all exactly 100 words, spoilers for 3x05.


He hadn't put his daughter down yet, and no one dared suggest he should.

She was his baby.

Cora wandered, lost, though the house and found them in the library.

He didn't look up but he must have heard her because he didn't react when she sat down beside him, close enough that their arms were touching.

"Sybil." The name came suddenly into the silence and hung in the air, not quite a suggestion but not yet a certainty.

He looked up, meeting her eyes and Cora simply nodded and looked down at her baby's baby.

"What a lovely name."

Lie Back

"They look so small," Sybil sighs, reaching a hand up toward the sky, as if the stars twinkling above are only just out of reach.

Tom smiles, shifting slightly on the soft grass they lie on.

"Are you cold?" he asks, not wanting to break the moment but always worried about her.

"No, and they're so pretty." She reaches out to take his hand, "let's stay a little longer."

Tom lifts her hand and presses a kiss to it. "I do love you so very much."

"I know," Sybil replies, used to his spontaneous declarations.

"I love you too, Da."

Wrong (Because if Mary and Daisy can do it, Tom's sure as hell going to feel this.)

He wakes suddenly, the sharp pain in his chest making him gasp and he just knows.


Something's wrong.

Something is terribly wrong.

He's up before he can think, running faster than he thought possible.


The scream rips from his throat.

He's in her room.

"I need to get up," she says, her body covered in sweat and her eyes unfocused.

"No, my darling," Tom pleads.

"What's wrong?" Mary asks, "Sybil? Why is she like that?"

"Get the doctor!" Matthew yells at someone.

How did they get in here?

His chest hurts, she screams.

"No, oh please god, no."


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