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Grace [userpic]

Still not sure if anyone else watches this...

April 29th, 2012 (11:06 pm)

I'm feeling: happy

But anyone following me on Tumblr will now have realised I've fallen for Downton Abbey and I've fallen hard. I'm actually concerned as to what I'll do come September when Jullian Fellowes inevitably starts making everyone unhappy again. If he messes with Sybil/Branson I will cut a bitch.

However, the pics released yesterday confirm that not only can Allen Leech rock a tailcoat but that Branson at least survives long enough to attend a wedding and the feels I had upon seeing this confirm that I am beyond hope when it comes to this latest obsession. I would say send help but I'm not sure I want it :P

Anyway, I'm so behind on LJ stuff. I'm about to do a Downton fic spam (3 posts, apologies in advance) then tomorrow I'll do a f-locked post because some stuff it happening in rl that I need a bit of a vent and some hugs over :(