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Grace [userpic]

Another Hunger Games Trailer!

February 4th, 2012 (01:16 pm)

I'm feeling: geeky

- Love that we see a bit more Games action- not much but there's a cool shot of Peeta on the screen and the burning tree is cool because it means they've kept in an awesome scene.

- Caesar! I know he's Capitol and helps lead kids to their death but I really liked him in the books and I love that we saw more of him here. I love the shot of him and Peeta laughing too. Still not 100% sure on the casting of Katniss but the more I see of Josh Hutcherson the more perfect for Peeta I think he is.

- Katniss gives Prim the Mockingjay pin (which should not be holding an arrow if you don't mind my pedantic ramblings for a moment). Okay, why? How hard is Madge to fit in? I don't know why but this irritates me. Maybe they thought that because a film has to be condensed more than a book they had to do as much as possible to show the bond between Katniss and Prim? Still... It annoys me... And I'm guessing Prim gives it back after Katniss volunteers? The whole 'while you have it nothing bad can happen' thing probably.

- Katniss' plea to Gale didn't ring too true to me either but hopefully the full scene will play out better.

Overall though, I'm really, really looking forward to this.