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Grace [userpic]


July 5th, 2011 (12:52 pm)

I'm feeling: nervous

Title: Inevitable
Fandom: Superman Returns (Revelations-verse)
Word Count: 4,500
Rating: PG
Summary: It happens to everyone but it never gets any easier. Oneshot.
Warnings: Character Death
Author's Notes: Inspired by kabuki_party's request for a fic with Dean Kent from Revelations in it. Didn't turn out fitting her prompt though, also it's more from his POV than about him and more fits a request I had to elaborate more on the third point in this meme... but whatever, enjoy :P May only be available here on LJ too so anon comments enabled.


Dean was alone in the apartment when the phone rang.

His Dad was in some country with a name he couldn't pronounce, trying to prevent a hurricane from killing anybody. His Mom had decided they should try and 'keep busy' until he returned to fly them back out to Smallville. She had taken his sisters Lucy and Ella out to the mall. At twelve, Lucy and Ella were aware of what was happening but still able to be distracted for a time by shopping.

His older siblings, Jason and Sophie had taken their brother Chris to the park. Chris was three and wasn't really understanding much of the situation except that everyone else was worried. The trip to the park was more for Jason and Sophie than Chris.

Dean had declined both offers of company. He didn't feel like either pretending it wasn't happening with Mom, Lucy and Ella, nor did he really want to talk about it more with Jason and Sophie.

So he had settled for lying on the couch, practising his x-ray vision by reading the books still on the shelf and trying to decide how he did feel.

He'd come to the conclusion that 102 was a fine old age. And even though he loved his Grandma Martha, her death wouldn't exactly be a tragedy. Sad, of course, terribly so, but no one could deny she had lived an incredibly fulfilling life.

She had already buried two husbands before her, and raised a child who had grown into one of the world's most beloved heroes. She had lived to hold all of her grandchildren in her arms- if Chris was indeed the last, Mom and Dad had assured everyone he was but they had claimed that with Dean and then had three more, so who knew?

She'd been taken to hospital immediately after she'd had her fall but the doctors had warned the family, even though she was lucid enough to talk to them, they weren't okay just yet.

When the phone rang Dean knew what the news would be.

"No, he's not here, I'm his son," he told the nurse, "Martha's grandson."

There was a pause on the other end. "Jason?" the nurse asked finally. Dean wasn't sure whether to correct her or not. He didn't know hospital policy so he wasn't sure if he was down as a proper contact or it was only relatives over age or even just his Dad. "Okay, Jason," the nurse continued before he could reply, saving him the trouble, "you're down as a contact. I'm sorry to inform you that half an hour ago your grandmother's heart stopped. As per her request no attempt was made for resuscitation and she died at 2.34 this afternoon."

Dean didn't know what to say to that. He knew when he picked up the phone the news wouldn't be good but hearing it was still such a shock.

"It was very peaceful, she wouldn't have been in any pain," the voice on the other end assured him.

Dean realised he should probably speak. "Okay."

"I'm so sorry for your loss," she told him, sounding as if she really might be. Dean wondered if she had known his Grandma, Smallville had gotten a lot bigger since his father had grown up there but it really was still a small place.

"Thank you," Dean managed to force out. "I'll inform my Dad, we'll be out as soon as we can."

He hung up before she could reply, returning to the couch and sitting down heavily on it. The doctors had told them to prepare for the worst, but Martha had been awake and talking to them in the hospital bed. She'd asked Dean about his drawing and how art classes were going, Jason about college, Lucy about her drama class and Ella and her had talked for a while about a math competition the girl had achieved second place in. Chris had shown her a macaroni drawing and then they had left to give her some time alone with her son.

When the hurricane had struck she had insisted that Clark not make her feel responsible for keeping Superman from helping people and all but ordered him to take the children back home for some rest and go help. She was just going to have a little sleep herself.

Dean went out on to the balcony, a little surprised when he didn't see his Dad speeding across the city towards him. Clark had been hyper aware of his mother's condition and listening to her heart every few seconds. He supposed the middle of a hurricane wasn't the quietest place though.

He decided to sit on the balcony and wait for him to come home.

The sounds of the afternoon life in Metropolis drifted around him and he dropped his mental barriers for a moment to let himself get lost in it. The sensation was odd, not of hearing everything at once, he had done that many times, but of listening to so much life continuing. Completely unaware that an incredible and much loved woman had just passed from their world.

He cleared his mind and let the city engulf him further, there would be time to think about their loss but for now he couldn't bring himself to accept it. He listened to a tutor helping a struggling student, two boys somewhere arguing over an episode of a cartoon, a woman comforting her crying baby. Life went on.

As usual, it didn't take long for particular voices to jump out at him, similar to how an ear catches familiar voices in a crowded room even if they're talking quieter than everyone else. Except this room had ten million people in it.

"- you can get the skirt or the shorts, not both." His mother's voice warned one of the girls.

"Chris, be careful." His brother's voice warned, floating up from the park.

He'd have to tell them soon too, he realised. Another odd feeling, that right now he was the only one in the family who knew Grandma Martha was dead.

It wasn't as if they had never been though this. Grandma Martha was their last grandparent to pass. Grandpa Ben may not have been their Dad's father but he'd been the Kent children's grandfather in every possible way. It didn't make it any easier though.

"Dean?" His Dad's voice came unexpected and loud from right beside him.

Dean silently thanked Jason as he opened his eyes. If not for his brother's help and constant reminders of practicing his powers his Dad's voice would have seemed painfully loud. As it was it was only louder than the other sounds and, thanks once again to his hours of practice, Dean was able to quickly tune the city out and focus on his father.

"Everyone else went out. Just getting their minds off things," he explained as he noticed his Dad looking into the apartment.

"Oh," Clark nodded, his eyes refocusing as he looked at his son rather than through him.

Dean opened his mouth then froze. He had absolutely no clue what to say. His father noticed his hesitation and was frowning at him. There was no comprehension, no sudden look of understanding. He wasn't listening for his mother yet. He was focused on his son who had break the news to him.

The news that the woman who was his mother in every way that would ever matter was never going to talk to him again. She was never going to bake again, never going to talk to him, hug him, comfort him after a difficult rescue, never again going tell him how proud she was of the man he'd become in that special way only mothers had.

Suddenly Dean was struck by the thought of how he would feel if someone was telling him his mother was dead. His throat tightened, he didn't even want to think about life without his Mom. Without her passion for her work and the way, through her simply living her own life, she told her own children if they had that same passion for something they could make their world their own too. Her constant complaining about the half-a-dozen kids her husband had knocked her up with. That little gleam in her eye that reminded the children she secretly didn't mind and loved them more each day.

That way she still wanted a hug and kiss every night before bed even though he was fifteen. He had started objecting to that routine when Sophie did, insisting he was too old for that stuff.

You were never too old to hug your mother.

His father was looking at him in concern now and Dean realised he was on the verge of tears. He quickly put the thought of losing his own mother aside. Lois Lane was as alive and sharp as ever. It was his father who was an orphan now.

"Dean?" He still hadn't changed out of his super-suit. It was a little absurd sometimes, how he'd stay in it when he came home, how many kids could say they'd seen Superman cooking dinner or giving his young son a 'horsey-back ride'. "Are you okay?"

Yeah… he should really say something. "Dad…" Dean started, before trailing off.

"Is everything alright?"

"It's Grandma," Dean told his father, deciding it wasn't going to help anyone to put the news off. "The hospital called, her heart stopped about an hour ago, and she was DNR so…"

It was strange, he didn't know what he'd expected. Shock? Disbelief? Tears? Not that he had ever seen his father cry before but certainly if it ever was to happen it would be now.

He knew however that he hadn't expected his father to simply nod then walk into his bedroom without saying a word.


He came back out just a moment later, dressed in what his wife always called his 'farmboy wardrobe'. But it was really just his normal clothes, the clothes he felt most comfortable in, most like himself, the most like Clark.

He didn't say anything for a while so Dean tried to fill the silence. "She just passed away in her sleep. She wouldn't have felt anything, Dad."

"I know."

It was easier now, talking to someone who looked more like his Dad.

"I'm going to go… be with her. Jason can bring you all out when he comes home. We were only there a few hours ago, they won't think we came back to Metropolis at all."

"Oh, can't you stay and-"

"No." If it wasn't for his enhanced hearing Dean wouldn't have caught the whispered word. "I can't, I need to see her."

He looked up at him and as he meet his father's eyes Dean almost felt like someone had slapped him. He'd never seen his father look so… vulnerable.

He was silently pleading with his son to forgive him for not being strong enough, for asking him to go through that again, to tell his brothers and sisters they'd lost their Grandma Martha because he wasn't strong enough to say it out loud yet.

"I'll stay," Dean promised.

Jason, Sophie and Chris came back first, only ten minutes after Clark left.

"Mom's not back yet then?" Sophie asked, helping Chris out of his muddy footwear.

"No, but Dad was, for a bit," Dean started, not sure how to continue. "The hospital called…"

"Oh… Grandma died didn't she?" Jason asked, sparing Dean from having to tell them.

Instead he just nodded.

"Oh…" Sophie sighed, "that… sucks."

Lois bought Lucy and Ella back half an hour later. "I thought it would turn out like that," Lois sighed when he told her, "but she was so strong, I hoped…"

"Mom, the number they had was for this phone," Dean realized suddenly. They'd only been in Smallville that morning, they'd told the doctor they'd been visiting already but had been out of the house to explain how they'd arrived at the hospital so quickly.

"We'll tell them we had the home phone redirected to my cell and I left it where we were staying," his Mom replied, always thinking. "Though it's unlikely anyone will even think about it. Hospitals are busy places, they'll have more on their minds."

"Are we going to see gwamma now?" Chris asked.

"Yes, dear," Lois told him softly.

"Is she dead?"

"Yes, darling, she's gone to sleep for good now, we're going out to Smallville to bury her and say goodbye."

"Oh." The three year old nodded and started sucking his thumb.

Dean wasn't sure how well Chris actually understood what had happened but he knew his mother hated people who lied to their children. Especially about a natural and inevitable part of life.

Sophie smiled and her brother and picked him up. "C'mon, why don't we go find you something clean to wear, okay?" she asked, balancing him on her hip with a skill few seventeen year old girls could manage. Of course most seventeen year old girls didn't have four younger siblings they helped raise… or the strength to bench-press an eighteen wheeler that made a child seem as light as a feather.

"I want my blue top!" Dean heard him say loudly as the two disappeared into Chris' room.

"How was he?"

Dean shrugged. "He seemed alright," he answered uncertainly, "I mean, for what I told him…"

His mother nodded, then said something that surprised him. "I'm glad you were the one to tell him," she said softly, pulling him into a hug.

Before Dean could ask what she meant she was herding Lucy and Ella down the hall to put on "something appropriate".

It only took twenty minutes before everyone was ready to go, a remarkable feat when there were seven people to get ready, five of them children. No yelling either, which only served to make the whole day seem more surreal. Dean couldn't remember the last time he'd been in the apartment so long without hearing someone complaining or bickering with someone else.

"Ready?" Jason asked, once they were changed.

"Not really," Dean told him honestly, "but I suppose I'll have to."

His Mom had been right about the hospital. No one even blinked when the Kents arrived, there was more important things to do.

"Yes, Clark's in there now," the nurse, who seemed to know Martha, was telling his mother. "The funeral directors are coming soon, but would you like to see her now?"

"No," Ella answered immediately, her voice barely a whisper. Chris shook his head and clung to his Mom's leg, thumb firmly in his mouth. Lucy glanced quickly in Dean's direction then shook her head too.

"I do," Sophie said after a moment, her voice surprisingly steady.

"Me too, if that's okay." Jason's voice also seemed too clear and loud for the situation.

No one looked in his direction but Dean could tell they were all waiting for him. He'd seen dead bodies before, his other grandparents, though he barely remembered Grandma Eleanor. Not in hospital though.

"Yeah, I want to," he said, his quiet voice sounding so small and uncertain after his older brother and sister.

The nurse led them into the small room where Martha lay with her son looking over her then left them in peace.

People were lying, Dean knew now, when they told you a dead person just looked like a sleeping person. Even with her eyes closed and a peaceful expression on her face his Grandma looked nothing like she was sleeping. She was too still, too silent.

When she dozed off in front of the TV, or even sometimes when she was playing scrabble with her grandchildren, she still moved, her eyes darting around under the lids as she dreamed and her face twitching every so often. She breathed quite loudly sometimes too, and on occasion even snored, which used to make Dean laugh so loudly when he was younger he'd wake her up.

Then she would pretend to be angry and chase him around the room, she was old even then but Dean always let himself be caught and hugged, then he'd get punished for waking her by having to help his brother and sisters eat the extra cookies grandma had accidentally cooked because they wouldn't fit in the tin.

She wasn't doing any of that now.

His vision blurred and he blinked and realised he was crying.

He felt his sister's hand slip into his and automatically griped it tightly. Sophie was hardly ever fond of displays of affection towards her siblings but Dean knew she loved Martha as much as him and was glad for the comfort as she stood beside him, holding his hand and leaning her head against his shoulder, her other hand holding his arm as if to steady herself.

He was glad Lucy, Ella and Chris had stayed outside. They would see Martha at the funeral, she had wanted it open-casket, but then she'd have make-up on and look more like herself in her favourite dress and shoes.

He didn't want them to see him crying either. He wanted to be strong for Lucy and Ella, he'd always felt closer to them than any of his other siblings, which was saying something as they were an incredibly close family anyway. And the way Lucy and Ella had looked at him in the apartment had told him he'd be the one they'd come to for comfort when they thought of something else they'd never do with Grandma now.

The next few days seemed to go by in flashes when Dean looked back on them. Going to the farm, the visit to the funeral home, meeting with the priest to organise the funeral, the endless stream of well-wishers stopping by to offer their condolences.

Even the funeral had gone by in a blur, Dean had been a pall bearer along with his older brother, father, Uncle Pete and two other people from Smallville he didn't really know but who had known his father's mother well.

Sophie and Lois had given the readings, quite a few members of the community had shared personal memories of Martha Kent too, then they had gone to the cemetery, then back to the farm for some food then straight back to Metropolis.

Sitting in his room, with the sounds of the city life flooding around him again, it seemed like no time at all had passed between the phone call from the hospital and kicking off his shoes, undoing his tie and collapsing back on his bed just a minute ago.

He should probably take off the rest of the suit but he didn't feel like moving again just yet.

After a while his Mom stuck her head in his room. "Dean?" She had managed to change but her eyes were still red. "No one's up for cooking tonight so we're ordering pizza."

"I'm surprised anyone's up for eating tonight," Dean commented, sitting up.

"Well Lucy and Ella are growing girls," Lois chuckled, "and Chris heard pizza and now he won't be quiet until he gets some."

Dean nodded. "I'm okay, I'll have toast or something if I get hungry later."

"How's Dad?" he asked when his Mom made no move to leave is doorframe.

"He's out," Lois told him, biting her lip, "Hold up downtown."

Dean nodded again, his mother's avoidance of his question as much of an answer as any outright answer would have been. "How do you think Superman's going to be?"

"I called Henderson," she replied, "I told him someone close to Superman passed away recently. I couldn't say any more of course but hopefully the word will get around and they'll understand."

"Mom, when are we getting pizza?" Lucy asked quietly but insistently, poking her head in and frowning at both of them.

"I'll come and call them now, sweetie," Lois promised. "Sophie's still in her room but the rest of us are in the dining room if you want company," she told Dean.

"Thanks. Mom," he said suddenly, before she left, "I love you."

"I love you too, Dean," his mother replied, smiling in understanding. She hesitated for a moment before coming into his room and pulling him into a hug. Dean returned it immediately, holding her as tight as he could without harming her and silently vowing to never again lie and insist he was too old for hugs from his parents.

Lucy called again from the living room and Lois kissed Dean on the cheek and left to prevent a tantrum. He didn't follow though, not sure he could go back to something so normal so soon. He wished they'd stayed in Smallville longer, not come back so soon, right after the funeral.

Clark now owned the farmhouse he'd grown up in, being the only living relative of Martha left he inherited the majority of her estate. A few specific belongings were bequeathed to other friends Martha had known and some of her money had been left to a charity but everything else went to her son.

They had always stayed in the farmhouse when they visited and Dean had been hoping to stay tonight but his Mom had told him quietly that she didn't think his Dad could cope being there without his mother so soon.

Even at 102 Martha had refused to leave the farmhouse. She had instead got herself a caregiver who came around every day to help her, not that she seemed to need it. Clark had offered to pay, to come around a care for her himself, once she had rejected coming to live with him. Her age and independence had even made her a minor celebrity in the community.

Martha had always insisted that she not disrupt her son's life though. "Oh those children don't want an old lady living with them." She had waved him off when he offered. "I'd just get in the way, dear. I'm fine out here, all my friends are here and all my memories," she had added with a smile, before changing the subject and refusing to talk about the topic again.

His ceiling was swimming again and he blinked, feeling the tears spill down his cheeks again.

He knew it was going to happen someday, everyone died and he had been to all his other grandparents' funerals but Martha had been around so long he was almost starting to think she'd just keep going forever.

He didn't join the rest of the family. He didn't feel like talking about it just yet, for tonight he wanted to keep his memories to himself.

He eventually changed out of the suit but he didn't leave his room except to clean his teeth and go to the bathroom. No one bothered him, Dean wondered if they even noticed, he didn't know what anyone else had done.

Eventually the bedroom doors were shut and the lights went out and the apartment grew quiet.

Most of the apartment went to sleep but he could hear his Mom and Dad still talking and Lucy was still awake as well. She was crying quietly and Dean wanted to comfort her but knew she'd just deny it if he went to her. So he waited.

It didn't take long, only ten minutes later his door creaked open and a small, red-eyed face poked in. "Dean?"

"Come in," Dean said with an understanding smile, holding up his sheets. Lucy jumped in, wriggling close to her brother as he put the covers over both of them and put his arms around his little sister.

"I miss Grandma," Lucy told him.

"I know, Lulu," Dean sighed.

"If I cry, do you promise not to tell?" Lucy asked, her small voice already thick with tears.

"There's nothing wrong with crying," Dean assured her, "but I'll promise anyway."


The cemetery is empty when he arrives, which is a good thing, Dean thinks. A fifteen year old boy floating down from the sky would probably raise a few questions.

He lands right beside their graves. Even among the many headstones in the cemetery the three he's come to visit make a distinctive group. The oldest is on the left, Jonathan Kent, his father's father whom he'd never meet. On the left is his grandfather, Benjamin Hubbard, who he remembered well, though he'd passed away when Dean was nine. In the middle lay the newest, between both her husbands, Martha Kent.

He's visited often in the year since she'd died and as always it takes him a few moments to compose himself. He knows his Dad still cries about her sometimes, and even his Mom still misses her parents so he knows it's okay that even after a whole year without her it still hurts.

"I'm leaving school next year," he tells them once he's ready. He's not sure how Grandma would feel about that. "I know it's early but you know school's never been my thing, that's for Sophie and Ella.

"I'm going to work for a year then travel. I know I've been lots of places but I'm going with a group of friends and we're doing it the old-fashioned way."

He smiles, he can imagine Grandpa Ben, lying next to her, laughing and clapping him on that back at that news. He could almost hear his voice, Good on you, boy, nothing wrong with slowing down to take in the sights and smell the roses. Never quite understood all this faster-than-sound, what's the hurry?

"Speaking of Sophie, I'm not sure if she's been out here to tell you yet…" He bit his lip, feeling bad as soon as the words were out of his mouth. "Not that she doesn't think about you all the time," he assures his three grandparents. None of Clark's children had ever meet Grandpa Jonathan but Clark told them so much about his father Dean felt as if he knew him too.

"Anyway, Sophie's in Harvard. And she won't shut up about it," he adds with a smile. "It's never just college, it's always Harvard. Oh, no," he laughs, "it's never even that, it's always 'my scholarship to Harvard'." Grandma would chuckle at that, but she would indulge the girl, disciplining was for parents, not grandparents, Lois would have to tell Sophie to pull her head in, which she had but she hadn't.

"She's going to be a lawyer, of course. Mom was really hoping for another journalist in the family but Sophie wants to leave the catching of the bad guys to her, she's going to be the one to put them away."

It's not long before he has to leave though. Life just keeps going, he has homework to do and he told his friend he'd meet him to talk about their science project. Then there's dinner and he's promised to help Lucy with the Kryptonian homework his Dad had set.

But- "I'll be back," he tells them. "Love you all."


A/N: This was based on my experiences with the death of my own much loved grandmother and how Martha actually died was based on the death of her sister, my great aunt. I have no idea what hospital procedure is for informing next-of-kin so I beg artistic license if it's wrong.

Reviews are love!


Posted by: KitKaos (kitkaos)
Posted at: July 5th, 2011 08:55 am (UTC)
spring bamboo

*sniffle* Aww, this is such a sweetly sad story. Makes me love Dean even more. :)

Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: July 7th, 2011 12:15 pm (UTC)
STM; Kent Family

Thanks, *hugs* I really enjoyed writing it through Dean's eyes. I'm glad I've created such a popular character too :P

Posted by: Barbara (what else?) (barb1808)
Posted at: July 5th, 2011 11:13 am (UTC)
Clois Kiss

As I already said on twitter: Once again you made me cry. The unreality of life going on after someone died is exactly how I felt when my grandparents (and other family members) died.

I love that despite his grief Dean tries to be there for his siblings. It's so much how you write him when he's older. I think he's very much like Clark in this - or like Clark would be with siblings.

Another well told story of this 'verse of yours that I love so much.

Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: July 7th, 2011 12:25 pm (UTC)
Tristan; *HUGS*

Aww *hugs* It always seemed so weird to me when my grandmother died, how there were all these people driving by the church when we were having her funeral, completely oblivious to what had just happened to the world...

or like Clark would be with siblings.

You know? I never though of it that way. I know he's like Clark but of course he's got five siblings and takes his role and brother very seriously, a chance Clark never had.

And I loved writing him in this, it was very enjoyable seeing the world through his eyes, especially such a dramatic event. I know he's an original character but I might feature him in a few more oneshots...

Thanks for commenting *hugs*

Posted by: Obsessed fangirl (babettew54)
Posted at: July 5th, 2011 01:46 pm (UTC)
SR - Clark look of love

Oh, how sad.. *sniffles*

And yes, my grandma passed around the same age as Dean, at 15 years old. It was terrible blow to the family. She was the center of our world too.

I really enjoyed Dean's part in all of it. So, so mature for his age and so caring. And yes, like Clark in so many ways.

I loved this! :D

Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: July 7th, 2011 12:21 pm (UTC)
SR; Supes; DP Globe; Weight

Thanks *hugs*

Yeah, I was about the same age losing my Mom's mother too (I'm honestly not that close to my other grandmother) and her husband did what Martha did hear and got so old we almost through he'd be sticking around forever :P They had lived with us for a while even so when they died it was such a loss, though again like Martha it was hardly a tragedy as both had lived very full lives.

I loved writing this from Dean's POV- I would have mangled it if I tired it through Clark's eyes. Dean is so much like his Dad though, isn't he?

Thanks again for commenting! You know how we authors love feedback :P

Posted by: love_is_my_goal (love_is_my_goal)
Posted at: September 18th, 2011 07:02 pm (UTC)

This story is so sadly sweet! I absolutely loved it!

Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: September 21st, 2011 12:44 am (UTC)
SR; Clark; S Glasses

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Posted by: saavikam77 (saavikam77)
Posted at: February 4th, 2012 02:57 pm (UTC)
FOS Sacred Space

Oh my gods. I don't know how I'd missed this one. So much silent grief and sadness. Such a perfectly sad family story. *wibble* I can't even.

*hugs you tight, applauds* ;_;

Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: February 5th, 2012 11:43 am (UTC)
Tristan; *HUGS*

Thanks, well it's only posted here and I didn't promote it anywhere else because I'm not sure if it's too much about Dean and I keep my OC-centric stuff here only.

Thanks so much for commenting though! This really made my day, I love getting reviews on old fics :P

I'm glad you liked it, I had a bit a sad time writing it too, Martha's such an amazing person and her loss, even after such a full, well lived life, would still hit her family very hard.

*hugs* Thanks again!

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: July 3rd, 2013 03:22 pm (UTC)

Thank you for sharing this story. I found your Revelations story and that brought me here. Your story made me think about my grandparents too and how I miss them after so many years. I hope to keep reading your other stories and please let me know if you think you will continue with Revelations. In the meantime, I will keep reading everything else in this universe you have created. You can add me as your newest reader. I will PM you at another time. Just wanted to say thanks!!!!

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