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Grace [userpic]

Revelations: Chapter Twenty-Six

June 30th, 2011 (11:31 pm)

I'm feeling: relieved

A/N: A few of you will know the reason this took so long but for those who don't, I apologise for the delay, but shortly before I was set to finish and post this chapter my city was hit by another major earthquake, this one in the middle of the day and killing 181 people and pretty much destroying our city centre. Thankfully my friends and family were alright though as you can imagine, it's taking a long time for things to get back to normal and fan fiction was not my priority.

Like the first earthquake this chapter is half pre-quake and half post. Hopefully it doesn't show. It's also mostly talking, I'm looking to change that in future chapters :P

Chapter Twenty-Six: The People You Care For


Eleanor Kal-El

Ella ran her fingers over the carefully penned name on the front of the exercise book. It was in the Latin alphabet first, then repeated in Kryptonian script right underneath.

She used to love the way it sounded, it was so different to plain old Ella Kent, Eleanor Kal-El, the way it flowed off the tongue, all otherworldly and mysterious and special and… alien.

She pushed the thought out of her head and flipped it open to a random page. The Legend of Rao was written across the top in her neat Kryptonian script, the story itself took up two pages, all in Kryptonian, her Dad's corrections, also in Kryptonian, written in red.

It had been a dictation exercise, she recalled, and she had done worse than she had hoped. If it had been in German she would have been horrified at so many mistakes. She could speak Kryptonian almost as well as English but her writing was still lacking.

But it had been her Dad who corrected it, and he never made her feel bad about getting something wrong. He was just so proud he was able to share his heritage, his legacy, with his own children. She knew that because he told them every single Thursday when they had their Kryptonian lessons.

She was almost glad they had missed it last week. If it was possible for her to feel any worse about what she had told Dean in the tree then that would do it.

Speaking of her brother… he was home, again. Which meant he'd probably try and talk to her at some point which she was not looking forward too. She had wanted to tell someone how she felt for so long but now that she had she was starting to regret it. Maybe she should tell him it had been a joke. An early April Fools.

Except it wasn't funny. And it wasn't a joke.

Luckily he hadn't got the chance to catch her alone yet, he had been in the apartment when Dad had flown them home and it hadn't taken long for Ella to realise something very important had happened while they had been at school but she had yet to find out exactly what. No one seemed like they were going to tell her, and aside from Mom telling them they were going to have a 'serious talk' that evening with everyone she hadn't a clue what was going on.

She had retreated to her room when her Dad had gone off to be Superman (or 'Mr. Kent' or whatever they were calling him now), her Mom had pulled Dean into her study and closed the door and Chris and Lucy had gone to their rooms too.

It was only when her watch beeped that she realised she had been sitting on her bed doing nothing but staring at the wall for almost an hour. Of course, there was really not much else she felt she could do right now.

The door to the study remained firmly shut and Ella resisted the urge to eavesdrop on whatever her Mom and Dean were discussing. Even if it might tell her what had happened with her Dad today she wasn't sure she wanted to hear.

A sudden thought entered her head and she froze with fear. But… no, Dean had promised he wouldn't tell their parents what she had told him. He couldn't be telling her Mom that, even if she hadn't made him swear she doubted he would want to hurt her that way. Ella didn't want to hurt her parents that way, one of the main reasons she had locked those feelings so tight and deep in the first place.

She shook her head in attempt to rid herself of the sick feeling in her stomach that came whenever she recalled Dean's reaction. She decided she might as well get changed, to distract her if nothing else.

She pulled at her hair-tie and winced as several strands became tangled and tugged at her before breaking. She sighed as she looked at the pieces of her hair still curled around the tie. Her Dad's hair never broke, it was just as invincible as the rest of him, something she got from her human side obviously.

She tried to fluff her hair out a bit but the kink the tie had left from being in a ponytail all day wouldn't straighten. It wasn't like she was going out again soon though, she reasoned, throwing her blazer of the chair, kicking off her clunky brown school shoes and quickly exchanging her shirt and pleated blue checked skirt for plain black track pants and a loose Metropolis Monarchs T-shirt.

She sat back on the bed and picked up the exercise book again. It was the ninth one she'd gone through with her Dad's lessons, the rest were in a box under her bed. The first one she had had been started when she was only five, it was mostly history and almost all of it was in English, which disappeared steadily with each book. The one she held now was entirely written in in Kryptonian, even the history and culture information was in the language of her father's birthplanet.

At school, Kim had tried to respect Ella's feelings about not wanting to talk but she had always been interested in languages, being bought up bilingual and learning two more at school. Finding out her best friend could speak a language from a completely different planet had proved irresistible to her and Ella had taken pity on her friend when they had bunked P.E. and allowed Kim to ask questions about Kryptonian.

After teaching Kim how to say "hello" then introduce herself she had pointedly changed the subject, but not before Kim made her promise to bring in her books from her Thursday lessons with her Dad. At least that was something she had finally been able to come clean to her friends about. That it wasn't just some weird coincidence she was never free on Thursdays, but that she had a truly good reason.

Today was Monday though, they'd had no plans last week, probably wouldn't have this week either, Mondays were pretty lax anyway, most days she spent at the apartment with Lucy and Chris. Sometimes she'd go to Kim's house to get some homework out of the way, or maybe to the mall for a few hours or so. Even that one memorable time they'd gone to James' house when his parents were away and played 'I've Never' with vodka stolen from his parents' liquor cabinet. She'd only managed to get a bit of a buzz going despite downing almost half a bottle but her mother had still been furious when she'd found out- courtesy of Kim's father. Ella had been grounded for a month, oddly only James had gotten off lightly, his parents deeming the intense hangover he'd had on Tuesday at school punishment enough.

"Penny for you thoughts?" the sound of her Dad's voice made her jump and she realised she had been getting lost in her thoughts again. Happening a lot lately.

"Just… thinking," she told him, with a shrug. Somehow she didn't think adding '-about things I'll probably never be able to do again because I'm in danger all the time now that the world knows I'm Superman's (your) daughter. Thanks for putting me in life-threatening danger…' would do much good. Her hand unconsciously moved to the scar on her hip.

She watched her father's eyes follow her gesture and winced when she saw the pain in his eyes. "All good out there?" She asked, in an attempt to distract him, trying to force a smile to her face.

"It's a bit strange," her Dad replied, "thirty years of answering to 'Superman' when I've got my cape on and suddenly people are calling me things like Mr. Kent and Clark no matter what I'm wearing." He looked at the book in her hands and smiled.

"Just reading about the creation of Krypton," Ella told him, holding up the book to show him. "'Rao was the first of us all, born into a world of cold and darkness.'" She read the first sentence aloud in a dramatic tone and then raised her eyebrows at her Dad.

Clark smiled, "You're getting so much better," he complimented her, also speaking in Kryptonian. "We should resume lessons this week, if you feel up to it."

"Dad, how many times to I have to tell you," she sighed switching back to English, "I'm fine."

"Sorry," he said, unconvincingly.

"I thought you never lied." Ella raised her eyebrow as her Dad came over and sat down beside her.

"Fine." He smiled. "I'm not sorry for checking you're okay, and I'm not sorry for loving my children, okay?" He gave her a one-armed hug and gave her a light kiss on her temple. "Revising?" he asked, nodding at the book.

"I was going to show it to Kim tomorrow at school," she told him. She wasn't expecting the look on his face when she mentioned school though. Was it… regret? It vanished just as quickly as it came though and she couldn't be sure.

"We'll talk about that," he said, confusing her more. "Ella… are you sure you're okay? I mean… your brother-"

"Chris is having nightmares," Ella finished for him. "I know. I hear him."

"And you?"

Ella shrugged. "If I am I can't remember them. Is that strange?" she asked, "Not getting nightmares after something like this?"

Of course Chris was only half-human and he was getting nightmares so maybe it wasn't… that, she realised as soon as she asked. Her mother had told her that her Dad got bad dreams too and she knew humans did. Maybe that was just an Ella thing…

"Things like this affect everyone differently," he father said with a shrug.

"Right." Ella nodded, trying to read her Dad to see if he did think it was strange but she couldn't see anything. "So what happened today?" she asked, changing the talk away from her attack, "I may not be Lois Lane but I am her daughter and I'd have to blind not to figure out something happened today."

Clark let out a heavy sigh. "Yeah…" he admitted after a moment, "something did happen. Your mother and I had a long talk about how we're moving forward and…"

"It's going to involve some big changes?" Ella guessed. "You have that 'it's going to involve some big changes' look."

"That's a look?" Clark seemed amused by her comment.

Ella nodded, "It's definitely a look. The same kinda look you get when we're moving apartments or getting another sibling."

"Well, you're right, we do need to discuss this with you and it will involve some big changes. In fact," he glanced at the clock on her beside table, "your sister should be coming over about now, we might as well call this meeting to order."

Ella nodded and got up, following her father to the door.

"Ella," he stopped her suddenly turning around to look at her, "you know I love you right? Even if for some unimaginable reason I don't tell you that every day you should never forget it."

Ella felt her face redden slightly, she knew her Dad loved her (duh, he was her Dad), but even so, such open expressions of emotions, even just between them, were a little embarrassing. Still, her heart did warm at the words, and instead of the worry she had expected in the back of her mind there was a sliver of hope. Maybe… maybe he would understand her feelings.

After all when he had found out he was an alien he had been the only one. Not like Ella who had had four siblings when she was born and now a fifth. Surely young Clark Kent, out in small-town America, on the farm, had had some doubts about himself. About not being the same as everyone else, not just in general but right in his very core. Surely when he found out every cells in his body was completely unlike anyone else's…

But even that wasn't the same, at least he did once belong somewhere. Not some strange half-and-half creature like her.

Still maybe… but not now. Not today, today she just buried it back where it belonged and smiled.

"I love you too, Dad."


Lois and Dean were the last to arrive at the table, coming out of the study both wearing serious faces. Lucy, Ella and Chris were already seated at the table, looking like they all wanted to know what was going on but had an idea they wouldn't like it when they found out and Sophie was leaning against the bench.

Jason was still at work, in fact, Clark realised, glancing at the clock, BreakOut would be almost finished if they were to turn on the TV. Jason had to stick around for autographs with the studio audience and rehearsals for the next shows though so he wouldn't be free for a while yet.

Everyone else was here though and since the main issues they had to talk about affected the younger kids more, Clark and Lois had decided Jason wouldn't mind if they went ahead without him.

Clark decided to go straight to the point.

"We don't think it's safe for you to go to school anymore."

A stunned silence followed his words. Only Lucy looked truly surprised though, the others, even little Chris, looked liked they understood , though they had probably hoped there would be another way.

"You're kidding, right?" Lucy asked finally. "I mean- wait, not for good right?"

"It's not safe, Luce," Ella said quietly, her hand going to hip, no doubt resting on the place where her scar lay under her shirt.

"For good, you're serious?" Lucy asked again.

"Yes, we're serious." Clark told her, "We shouldn't have even sent you back to school today."

"I don't want to leave school forever," Chris murmured quietly.

"I know, kiddo." Lois leaned over his chair to give her youngest son a hug. "We're sorry."

"No, you can't take us out of school," Lucy said, shaking her head and looking at them like she expected balloons to rain down and cameramen to jump out declaring her on Candid Camera.

Clark was preparing for more objections and arguments but Dean spoke up before anyone else could.

"I can watch them."

Clark hadn't expected that. The thought of asking one of the older children to do that hadn't even crossed his mind, it wasn't their job and it wasn't their fault it was necessary.

"I coming back in three weeks anyway," Dean reminded them, "Australia was our last stop. Besides, this way I won't have to crash here while I'm looking for a job, I can move back into my old room and take them to and from school. Then when they're home I can do the saving thing and you get to spend more time here."

"A job?" Clark asked, not having a proper argument prepared against that suggestion. His last point was also good, he would give anything to spend more time with his kids. For two years after they were born he had given up his job to take care of Lucy and Ella.

"Of course, how would that be an inconvenience to me?" Dean asked, "I need a job, you need someone you trust to watch over Lucy, Ella and Chris. Lucy, Ella and Chris still want to go to school. This is the solution to all those issues."

"Dad, please," Lucy begged. "Dean can protect us as well as you can and-"

"Vanderworth Academy and Eastview Primary aren't exactly close," Clark interrupted her, still talking to his son.

"They're seven blocks away," Dean replied, "if I fly high enough I can watch them both."

"And what if someone attacks them both at the same time?" Clark asked, shaking his head, "no, I appreciate the offer Dean but it's too dangerous, we can not have a repeat of what happened with you , Chris and Ella. I can't-" he broke off. I can't survive that again.

"This is so unfair," Lucy yelled.

"Do you want to end up in hospital too?" Clark yelled suddenly, losing patience with his daughter. He continued, even though he always regretted raising his voice at his children after it happened and knew this time would be no different. "That's what's going to happen, if you're lucky, if you're not they'll just finish you off right then and there to hurt me and it will hurt me, losing any of you would hurt me more than you could ever imagine. Lucy, I don't know why you can't see this but I am only trying to keep you safe.

"Things have changed and you need to start understanding that. I kept my identity secret for far greater reasons than just having a private life," Clark reminded her, his voice quieter now but still as forceful. "I did it to keep my family safe. To keep you safe. Now it's gone and you're not safe anymore."

"So what, you're just going to lock us up in the apartment for the rest of our lives?" Lucy challenged him, either unaffected by her father yelling at her or hiding it well.

"No," Clark said, trying to calm down so he could speak without yelling. "Right now though, you're young and you're vulnerable."

"Once you get older we won't be able to stop you doing what you want," Lois assured them. "Right now though, we want to make sure you get the chance to get older."

"This is so unfair," Lucy said again.

"Yeah, now you might not be able to make those talent scouts at school beg you to sign with them," Ella muttered, shaking her head.

"I'm sorry, what?" Lois asked sharply, turning to look at Lucy with such intensity the girl almost looked scared, shooting her sister an annoyed look.

"It's nothing," Lucy told her, but her heart was racing and she had the look on her face that neither of her parents could fail to recognise as her "hiding something" look.

"There were talent scouts at your school?"

"Mom, it was nothing, Vander's has a great drama program, talents scouts show up-"

"At the showcases," Lois reminded her, her tone still sharp, "awful big coincidence they show up right after you become world-famous. I'm going to have a serious talk to your drama teacher, who the hell does she think she is? Doing something like this without consulting us first? I bet she gets some sort of finder's fee right? Or not really a finder's fee because everyone will want a piece of you now-"

"Yeah, and I want it too," Lucy reminded her, cutting through her rant. "Or did the dream I've had my entire life suddenly vanish into thin air last Monday?"

"Your entire life? You're sixteen!" Lois exclaimed. "Lucy, I know you want to be an actress but you're still young and regardless of how keen you are it's still dangerous."

"Don't say actress like it's a synonym for prostitute," Lucy snapped back at her mother. "Can't you support me a little? Everyone supported Sophie when she said she wanted to go to Harvard and they have, like a 2% acceptance rate. That's hard and takes a lot of work-"

"Lucy, how stupid are you?" Sophie snapped. "If you weren't too busy watching TV that could have been you who ended up in hospital instead of Ella, but because it wasn't, what? You've just decided it wasn't that serious, holy shit, I know some news stations are trying to tell people that because El didn't die it wasn't serious, never though you'd believe them though. Your own sister, your twin-"

"Shut up!" Lucy yelled. "Sophie, this has nothing to do with you."

"You just bought me into it," Sophie retorted, raising her voice to match her sister's.

"No, I bought how Mom and Dad treated you into it."

"Same thing, besides, this is affecting all of us, not just you. I mean seriously, how freaking short-term is your memory? Ella was in hospital last week, five days ago your sister almost died you don't understand why Dad might think it's a good idea to try and keep you safe?"

"You just have to have a say in everything, don't you?" Lucy screamed at her sister.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sophie yelled back, both girls ignoring the rest of their family. "Look, it's not my fault someone has to baby-sit you all the time now, or that the whole world now expects me to fly around saving their asses when they do stupid shit. I have my own life here."

A silence so sudden and heavy followed Sophie's last words that it seemed louder than the yelling that had preceded it. Clark felt everyone turn to look at him, only Sophie didn't, staring straight ahead, her heart rate skyrocketing and her face draining of colour.

"That's not what I meant, Dad, I didn't-" Sophie stumbled over her words, trying to explain.

"What did you mean then?" Lucy asked, rather nastily, as she seized the opportunity to get the upper hand on her sister.

"ENOUGH!" Lois yelled, clearly having enough and realising her daughters weren't going to respond to anything else. "Girls, stop it! This situation is no one's fault. Your father and I only want what's best for all of you," she told them, keeping the volume of her voice up but not to outright yelling at them. They were all stressed and that wouldn't help. "Sophie, if you don't want to help we're not forcing you."

"I never said that," Sophie muttered, looking remarkably subdued now it was her mother she was up against and not her kid sister.

"Lucy, you are too young to leave school and go off to Hollywood. Even if you weren't also in an incredible amount of danger now your father and I still wouldn't let you."

"Sixteen isn't too young to be an actress," Lucy insisted.

"Yeah, maybe for Disney," Sophie muttered, clearly not giving up the argument that easy.

"Enough," Lois repeated, "both of you. I know you're stressed and god knows you have every reason to be. But Lucy, no means no, what part of that don't you understand? Sophie, we're asking you, not forcing you and if you want us to believe you're a grown adult then leave your sister alone and act like one."

Sophie looked upset but she had inherited too much of her mother's stubbornness to apologise outright to her sister. She turned away from Lucy and to her father. "I didn't mean it like that," she repeated quietly, "Dad…"

"It's okay," Clark assured her, but even he wasn't that good a liar. Sophie's face turned from upset to devastated, though she tried to hide it as soon as it happened Clark still saw it clear as day.

Lucy had a bit more sense than Clark guessed too as she didn't pounce on her sister again. There was an awkward silence for a minute or two. Clark wanted to say something to his daughters but he couldn't seem to find the words. He wanted to tell Lucy that he only wanted her to be safe and happy, that's all he ever wanted for her, but sometimes safe and happy didn't fit in the same place.

He wanted to tell Sophie he wasn't hurt that she was upset with him for ruining her life, he had expected that, he was hurt she had hid it, bottled it up and trying to pretend she wasn't upset or afraid. He wanted to tell her it was okay, that she should talk to him if she felt that way. Or talk to her mother or Jason if she didn't want to tell him.

"Why doesn't everyone just calm down," Dean suggested quietly but in a calm and steady voice.

It was as if his words had let some air out of the bubble of tension engulfing the room, it wasn't gone but the mood seemed better almost immediately. Lucy nodded and sat down quietly at the table with a sigh, avoiding eye contact with anyone. Lois closed her eyes and took a slow breath while Ella and Chris remained silent but visibly relaxed.

"Dean's right," Lois said after a moment, looking up. "Your father and I know this is stressful for you and we're all going to be making sacrifices. We need to stick together and get through this as a family."

Sophie had moved away from the table while Lois spoke, towards the kitchen, clearly still upset at the reaction to her exclamation but Clark decided it would be best to discuss it with her alone. Of all the children she wasn't the most likely to stay upset about things but from the way she had reacted Clark knew they needed to talk.

Lucy would get over the fight, it was hardly the first time her and Sophie had butted heads, it used to happen at least once a week before Sophie moved out. He remembered when Sophie had started to talk and began fighting with Jason, he'd been so upset at even the most minor altercation, admitting to Lois once he was afraid his children hated each other. His wife had been shocked until he'd explained it was because they were always bickering. Lois had laughed until she cried.

Four more children later though and Clark had learned that bickering, fighting and sometimes outright nastiness and spite were par for the course when you have siblings. Even so-

"Clark?" Lois' voice pulled him out of his thoughts and he realised his wife, Dean, Lucy and Ella were all staring at him.

"Sorry, I was thinking."

"I was asking if you had heard anything new from your visit with Commissioner Henderson?" Lois asked.

"Henderson?" Clark took a moment to recall the conversation from that morning. Had it really only been that morning? Seemed so much longer ago. "He said all the suspects from the fire and robbery were in custody, he thinks they might have been illegal arms dealers, your average street criminal doesn't trade in highly-advanced hand-held missile launchers."

"I thought they were smuggling cocaine?" Lucy asked with a frown, her curiosity already overriding her previous anger at her parents. "Isn't that what the news said a week ago?"

"That was what someone said right after the event," Lois sighed, "you know how someone's guess can become breaking news under the right circumstances." She turned back to Clark and he could see the familiar glint in her eye, the one she got when she smelled a story. "This actually sounds like it might be related to a tip I got a few months ago, it was an unconfirmed report from an old friend I knew back when we were army-brats. She said the US military had lost a shipment of something they nicknamed 'RTF's' Ready-To-Fire. Some sort of extremely powerful rocket launcher that comes packaged like the one they shot at you. One shot only but completely armed and ready to go straight from the box. Perry never let me run it because I couldn't find hard evidence." She smiled and added, "For some reason the government doesn't like to admit they've lost very expensive and dangerous weapons which may now be in the hands of criminals."

"Hmm, funny that," Clark agreed, happy to see his wife like her old self again.

It didn't last long though. "Can I go to my room?" Chris asked, reminding them that there was still serious things to talk about.

"Of course, sweetie," Lois agreed, her son's words snapping her back to the present. "Why don't you try to do a bit of homework?"

"What if I watched Chris, and you can take care of Lucy and Ella?" Clark asked Dean once Chris was out of earshot, "that way they can both stay at school."

"What about when you have to be Superman?" Ella asked.

"I need a job anyway, this will help both of us. I mean we still need so much practice to be as good as you are," Dean told him, "we're still learning. Why not try it this way, at least until Soph, Jase and I get better at the whole superhero thing," he pleaded, almost as if he'd read his father's mind.

Clark opened his mouth to reply but found the words stuck in his throat. Sophie's outburst coming back to mind. He couldn't just abandon the world again, even if he was staying right here. But he couldn't ask his children to step up and cover for him completely. They had been doing so well in the past week, he was so proud of them but even they had admitted it had taken all three of them just to cover for Superman.

It had taken him decades to become as good at his other job as he was. Powers weren't everything. He'd had more training than most people realised, it had been on-the-job with the fire service, the men taking him through gutted buildings when he had time after a rescue to point out how to identify a source and when and where (and when and where not) to blow so the fire went out, not simply somewhere else.

Commissioner Henderson (then an Inspector) had written him many pages of advice on what was the best way he could stop criminals so they were delivered all the way to jail, rather than getting of thanks to a technicality or improperly followed procedure.

Then there had been the many hours he'd spent with doctors and paramedics, learning which injuries were most life threatening, who could be safely moved and who needed expert help. How to properly identify the injuries once he got them to hospital. His x-ray vision was lifesaving but not until he knew how to tell the surgeons who were saving the lives what was wrong in terms they understood.

Jason, Sophie and Dean could get all of that but it would take time. Of course, no amount of training made up for over three decades of experience…

"We could try it," his mouth said, before his brain had quite realised it was going to agree. "I'm still not sure I feel comfortable with the schools being so far away though, if all three of them we targeted at the same time and I was far enough away…" he shook his head, almost taking back his agreement right then.

"What about hiring tutors?" Ella said suddenly, elaborating when everyone gave her confused looks. "With the whole 'schools being too far away' thing," she said, "Dad's right, it would be safer for us all to be in one place. So you could use the tutor program at Vanderworth's for Chris and that way we can still go to school but we'll all be in one place."

"Tutor program?" Dean, the only Kent of age who hadn't attended the Academy, asked.

"Lucy's friend Sasha's step-sister is in it," Ella said, "they use the old gym, they made it two storeys converted it into small classrooms and rented it out to tutors and the kids rich enough to have them. They weren't officially part of the school program until a few years ago but now anyone who wants too can send their children to one-on-one or small group lessons with a private tutor while still enjoying school facilities and the fact they don't have to look after them for a day. It's mainly primary aged students who's siblings go to Vander's."

"Anyone with enough money," Lucy pointed out, "Vanderworth's is expensive but it's nothing compared to the tutors. You pay money to get in the program but then you have to pay again for the tutors. Even the really rich families usually send their kids to the main school when they're old enough. You're pretty much guaranteed entrance to the main school if you come from the tutors," she told her parents.

Clark rubbed his eyes as he considered his daughter's words. "You want me to go and tell your brother I don't think his relationship with his friends is as important as yours?"

"No, tell him there's two of us and one of him and tell him Vanderworth's tutor program is way better than a public primary education. And you're the one that said it's either this or home school. Either way he's not going to see his friends anymore."

Clark almost flinched at that. He knew, logically, that's what he was proposing to ensure the safety of his children but to hear his daughter state it so plainly made him think about it in a different way. Chris was seven his friends were the only reason he went to school, he wouldn't really care whether the tutors would give him a better education or not, he'd just care that Dad was telling him he wouldn't be able to see Tommy and LeTanya everyday anymore.

That bought other problems to mind too, with the attack on Ella would parents even want their children being friends with his? Ella had only survived that attack thanks to her rapid healing abilities she had inherited from him, anyone else in the way wouldn't have.

He pushed those problems away though. He could deal with that later, one problem at a time. No need to analyse just how completely he had ruined his children's lives just yet.

"He could make new ones though," his youngest daughter was talking again, trying to reassure him it wasn't all bad if he took this course, trying to keep the peace like she always did, "Ironically ever since it officially became part of the Academy it's been more like a separate school than ever, I forget it's not sometimes. They fenced off their part of the field and they even have their own cafeteria and playground. Don't have to wear uniforms either," she added, with a hint of envy.

"So I can't play with you two at play time or lunch?" Chris asked ten minutes later after they'd called him out and explained it all too him.

"I think it's against the rules," Ella told him apologetically, "you'll see Dean though and there'll be other kids there."

Lucy just shrugged. "I tell people I'm an only child."

"I would laugh, but she's not joking," Ella said as everyone else laughed.

"We could hire tutors at home," Clark pointed out, still smiling. He knew the argument was coming too late though.

He had effectively already agreed to leave the girls in school and move Chris to the same place. Dean had all of his powers and without Superman's experience and training he could do just as good of a job as his father in protecting three people, but certainly not the whole world.

Vanderworth's was a well-secured school too, the parents paid well for it, it might even be more secure than their current apartment- in all likelihood someone who could get kryptonite in weapon form into the school could get it into the apartment.

He could reconsider the arrangement once they had moved into a new apartment but he'd discuss that with Lois later rather than worrying the kids now.

Sirens caught his attention suddenly but Sophie was already out the door muttering she'd take care of it before he could react. Clark could already tell it wouldn't keep her occupied as long as she hoped and the emergency services could probably handle it themselves but made no protest.

"So that's what we're going to do?" Lucy asked hopefully when no one else spoke. "We can still go to school?"

"I think it sounds like it," Lois confirmed and suddenly the tension seems to drain from the room, like they had been living in a balloon and Lois' word's had been the pin to pop it.

"I'm hungry," Ella announced with a relieved sigh, "everyone okay with pasta?"

"I'm fine with that," Dean agreed, following his sister to the kitchen to help.

"If I'm going to a different school does that mean I don't have to do my homework tonight?" Chris asked hopefully.

Clark laughed, surprising himself. "Sure, buddy," he told his son, leaning over to ruffle his hair. Laughing more when Chris ducked out of the way and stuck out his tongue, hurrying to the kitchen to lend another hand.

Lucy mumbled something and wandered off towards her room leaving only Lois and Clark at the table. Lois gave him a look and without needing to discuss it Clark got up and retreated to the master bedroom.

"So we're trying that then?" Clark asked as soon as the door closed behind him, knowing the children would respect the rule about not eavesdropping through a closed door.

It felt somehow strange to have a finalised plan of action. Like there was no going back- of course they would make every effort to ensure they could go back at any moment. Clark wanted his children to be happy but he wanted to keep them alive more. The second Clark thought the new arrangement wasn't safe was the moment he ended it.

"I'll call Vanderworth's if you want," Lois offered, "you call Eastview. Hopefully we can plead exceptional circumstances to get the transfer to go quicker."

"How long do you think it will take?" Clark asked, hoping they could do it as soon as possible.

Lois shrugged. "I'd hope next week, that's the best case though."

"Keep them home until then?"

Lois nodded, "I can stay, and so will Dean, you need to keep reminding people that Superman is still here to help. We need as much public support as possible."

Clark nodded, after spending his life in a newsroom he knew just how much public opinion could matter. Superman had amazingly high approval ratings before he was Clark Kent, he needed to keep them up if he wanted things to go as easily as possible in the next few weeks.

Politicians weren't going to help them if they didn't think it would earn them votes and he already knew his families' rights were in question. After all, they weren't entirely human, were they even protected under any laws? Ella's attacker had been arrested, sure, but the Metropolis Police considered him one of them, no matter what his day job, and you don't attack a cop's kid and get away with it. Who knew if it'd hold up in court? What if all the criminals Superman had ever put behind bars were right now calling their lawyers to see if they could have their cases dismissed because of this new evidence. He made a note to ask Sophie to look into it, she liked it when he asked her lawyer questions. He should also double-check it with a proper lawyer, Dana at the Planet was good but he didn't know if she was still talking to him…

"Hey," Lois interrupted his thoughts, "we've had enough hard thinking today," she berated him lightly and with a smile, "save some brain cells for the rest of the week."

Clark couldn't help smiling back. "I love you."

"I know."

Unfortunately, while the kids respected the closed-door rule, they knew the easiest way to bypass it was to removed the closed door. They had barely started kissing when Sophie came in.

"Oh, gross!" She exclaimed, a tad overdramatically and she was smiling when her parents finally separated to give her their attention.

"Our bedroom, our rules," Lois told her with a shrug. "Besides you're old enough to know how you got here."

"Mom, until the day I die I wish to live in the firm belief I was delivered by a stork," Sophie said, sounding completely sincere.

She didn't keep up her act for long though, biting her lip as she turned to Clark. "Ummm, Dad, I just wanted to say, I really didn't mean what… I mean-"

"It's okay," Clark assured her, this time in complete honesty. "Sophie, I know you're under stress, I know you all are and I hate myself for causing that but-" he held up his hand as she opened her mouth to object- "but I was a little concerned you hadn't told us how you felt."

"But I don't feel like that!" Sophie cried, throwing her hands in the air. "At least… I don't think I do…" she said a lot more quietly. "I guess, I guess I don't know how I feel. But I do know I don't blame you for this, in any way. I just…"

"You just want things to go back to the way they were," Clark finished for her.

"Yeah," Sophie sighed, "It's too hard to think this has only been a week. Seems more like a year."

Lois stepped forward and wordlessly embraced her daughter, Sophie returning the gesture immediately, burying her face in her mother's shoulder as Clark had seen her do so many time before when she was growing up.

"Sophie, you know just because you've left home now, doesn't stop us being your parents?" Lois asked calmly, still holding her tightly.

"I know," Sophie's muffled voice replied from her mother's shoulder.

Clark would never not be in awe of his wife. No matter how much she denied it, he knew she was the best mother in the entire world. Not that he was biased…

Sophie was like her mother but far from the old theory that people who were too alike never got along, she was very close with her both her parents and in only five more minutes of talking she was relaxed and the matter of her outburst had been put behind them. Perhaps it was because they were so alike that Lois knew exactly what to say, Clark mused as he hugged his daughter goodbye.

"I don't know how much I'll be able to come to tomorrow," Sophie said, "The Dean thinks I'll get through this whole cheating thing fine so he's advised me to keep going to classes and doing work."

"Don't worry about it," Clark ordered her. "Stay safe, okay?"

"I will."

"Love you," he called after her, smiling when she simply rolled her eyes and tried to look embarrassed but his ears still caught her muttered 'love you too' once she was halfway back to Massachusetts.

"Dinner's still a few minutes away," Lois said, turning back to her husband with a smile, "now… where were we?"


"Jason?" Lois sounded as surprised as Clark by their eldest's sudden appearance but she couldn't quite hide the annoyance in her voice either.

"Dad," Jason repeated, looking relived. "You're back. I mean, where did you go? Uncle Richard said Sophie had told him you'd gone somewhere but not to tell me until after the show…"

"It's a long story, Jason," Lois told her son, before Clark could try and explain.

Jason listened patiently as she quickly explained the gist of the day and the conclusion it had bought them too.

"I can help too," he offered immediately, as Lois and Clark both knew he would.

"Jason, we can't ask you to do that, you already have a job and a life in New York."

"Wait, so Dean gets to help and I don't?"

"Jason, we're offering Dean a job," Lois reminded him, "something you already have."

"I'm twenty-six," Jason reminded them, "I'm old enough to make my own decisions. I'm also old enough that BreakOut were probably thinking of replacing me soon anyway. Host usually only last two or three years and my contract is on a season-by-season basis."

"You just got a pay rise, I doubt they're looking to get rid of you."

Jason shifted uncomfortably. "You know, I wasn't actually getting paid minimum wage before," he said slowly, "Neither is Evie, and Sophie's roommate's cousin runs this finance firm so we put a bit in there, he was smart and we got lucky a few times and… well, what I'm trying to say is, I'm pretty well off, and even with and wedding and all that hopefully happening soon I can afford to take some family time."

"Dinner's ready!" Ella's voice floated in from the kitchen.

"Coming," Clark called back, before turning back to his son, "look Jason, we're just going to try it this way, it's not set in stone, let's wait and see."

"You're still going to need to help cover for Superman," Lois reminded him, "are you staying for dinner?"

Jason sighed, accepting the conversation was over for now at least. "No, thanks, I promised Evie I'd be home tonight. I still want to talk about this more," he warned them.

"Love you," Lois told him pointedly, kissing him on the cheek.

"Yeah, yeah, not now though," Jason muttered, heading towards the door, "Love you too."


Dinner was uneventful, Sophie and Jason had returned to their own apartments and the younger kids didn't seem eager to rehash any of the conversation they'd had that afternoon.

They had watched TV for a while, no news shows though, then everyone had gone to their bedrooms without protest, though the lights were still on in Lucy and Dean's rooms.

Dean… Lois couldn't help sighing as her mind turned to her son. With all the time she had taken to convince Dean he would be a worthy bodyguard for his siblings she only hoped Clark hadn't undone that work. She knew he hadn't meant to question his son's abilities and was only trying to keep everyone safe but she also knew how much Dean thought of his father's opinion.

Dean was young, only eighteen, but Lois herself even forgot that sometimes. Not just because he was as tall as Clark and not even only because seemed to have skipped right over his teenage angst phase and plunged directly into being a mature adult.

His powers were fully developed too. It had taken Jason until he was twenty-one to get to where Dean was now, to the level he could keep up with their Dad in an around-the-world race, or hold his own in an arm-wrestling match. Sophie had been able to compete with her father and brother a year ago at twenty, though her strength was still lacking compared to them, they had attributed that to her being smaller, she compensated by beating them with her visual and auditory abilities. And being able to effortlessly bench-press a tractor was hardly weak in any sense of the word.

Dean had been seventeen when he'd actually beaten his father in an arm wrestle. Clark had been stunned and believed it to be a fluke until he'd taken his son to the Arctic and Dean had managed hold his own in a proper training match. Scientists had been stumped by the unusual seismic activity for weeks but Clark had been too proud to care, had hadn't been able to stop smiling for days. The arm wrestle had been a small fluke though- Dean wasn't stronger than Clark but he'd certainly get there one day.

Dean could protect his siblings as well as his father could, and he could do it better than a hired hand because he actually cared deeply about them. He also did need a job when he got back, having long since decided college wasn't for him. The only problem with her plan, and one she honestly hadn't foreseen, had been that Dean himself didn't think he could.

He may have acted like an adult most of the time but every so often he was good at reminding her he was still barely out of school. The attack on Ella and his perceived failure to adequately protect her and Chris had left him shaken in his abilities, something he had only confided in her and only because she'd pressed. It had taken her a lot of convincing to get him to see that with preparation and proper training and equipment he would make a much better bodyguard than anyone else they'd ever be able to find. On Earth at least. There was only one thing that could take him down and that could hurt his father as well, if Clark had been in that alleyway instead of Dean, chances were the result would have been the same.

Maybe she should ask Jason to talk to his brother too. Though she'd have to talk to him first, she knew he was eager to help but she didn't want someone else accidentally implying Dean might not be able to handle the responsibility by himself.

At least she had help though, she thought with a smile, her boys were trouble enough but thankfully Clark had agreed to talk to Lucy about tonight. Lois loved all her children like anything but right now she knew she'd just end up fighting with Lucy again which wouldn't do anyone any good. She knew Clark would have far more luck.


People told Lucy she got her temper from her mother. They were wrong, it wasn't from her Dad either, Lucy knew her temper was all hers and she hated it.

Her mother's stubborn, fiery anger always came out in sharp, well placed attacks on her opponent, despite seeing her angry Lucy wasn't sure she'd ever seen her mother lose her head in an argument.

Lucy was the opposite, she was too stubborn, she couldn't back down, even when everything her Dad had been telling her was true she was just so angry and upset that she keep screaming at them. Sophie always pissed her off too, even though she was also right, but Sophie, unlike her, had the sense not to take on their parents in a fight.

Her mother's temper made her sharper, Lucy's made her throw a tantrum with all the grace of a three-year-old stamping her foot and yelling 'but I don't wanna!'


Lucy jumped as her Dad leaned into her room, trying to wipe her watering eyes. "I'm fine," she lied, hoping he would just leave.

"Oh, Lucy." He closed her door behind him and sat beside her on the bed, pulling her into a hug.

"Sorry," Lucy said weakly, through her tears, "I didn't… I didn't mean to get so upset."

God, she hated crying. No one looked attractive when they cried. It always made her make-up smudge too and she wasn't supposed to wear make-up to school.

Her parents didn't like her wearing make-up at all, though her Mom had relented a bit when she'd turned fifteen, having to admit that's when she'd started wearing it, but not too often and not to school. Her Dad had just told her she was pretty enough and he didn't want to have to send any teenagers in her class to hospital. 'It would be bad for Superman's public image,' he'd joked.

Her Dad gave her an odd look when she giggled through her tears at the memory.

"Sorry," she said again, "god, I'm sorry I'm crying, I slept badly last night," she tried to explain it away.

"Lucy, it's okay," her Dad laughed quietly, "please don't think you need to make excuses to me."

"No, just Mom," Lucy muttered, remembering her mother's tone when she'd spoken about Lucy becoming an actress.

"And you know that's not true," her Dad chided her. He looked over his shoulder and then leaned closer to her, whispering secretively. "If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell on me?"

"What?" Lucy asked, feeling a bit too old for the game but also curious of what he had to say.

"Your mother's scared," Clark said simply, "nothing terrifies her more than the thought of her children being hurt. After what happened to Ella she just wants you to be safe. She's not angry at you at all," he promised her, "but it's so much easier to get angry than it is to admit you're scared."

"Especially for Mom," Lucy giggled, feeling better already.

"Especially for your mother," Clark agreed, smiling back. "I have to go for a bit," he told her suddenly, his head twitching to the side. "Are you going to be okay?"

Lucy nodded, unable to reply as a huge yawn forced its way out. "I think I might get some sleep," she laughed once she could close her mouth again.

"Looks like you need it. Sleep tight, Lulu, love you."

"Love you too, Dad," she replied as he slipped out and headed to the balcony. "Keep safe."


Lois had turned the lights out and tried to sleep for all of three seconds before sitting back up and switching on the television. She turned the volume down low and, hoping the children really did respect the closed-door rule, switched it straight to the news.

"- one has to wonder if the President's seeming indecisiveness on taking a stand on this issue is doing more harm to his political career than going against public opinion."

Lois recognised the speaker, Dirk Trent. She had always liked him, he was more of a talking head than a proper journalist but he was never afraid to speak his mind and stick to it, even when it was unpopular.

"So you think he should just make a statement one way or the other, does he agree that what Clark Kent did was right or does he condemn his actions and his keeping secrets?"

The other report Lois didn't know, she just looked like some blonde bimbo they'd hired to get men to watch. Her words weren't even her own either, she kept tilting her head to the left and listening intently to her earpiece before replying.

"Exactly, I mean, obviously it's about more than just a, what are we calling it- Superman's "secret identity", but-"

"Can I just interrupt you there, Dirk? By 'more' you are referring to his children, aren't you?"

"Well of course, isn't everyone? Though to be honest, I don't believe it should be that much more, I mean-"

"You don't believe he should have told people he was a father?"

"Well, not if we're saying… what? That the world had some sort ofright to know about these kids?"

"Well, shouldn't we? I mean, you've seen what they can do, don't you think some people would want to know that people like that are out there?

"I don't know if we should go down that track," Dirk sighed, shaking his head, "it's a slippery slope, first we start by saying we should know how many people there are who can fly, or lift truck with their bare hands. To some it seems reasonable, then what? Do we start registering people who can bench-press more than a certain weight? Martial artists, they can be dangerous-"

"Well, that is different, these kids aren't even human-"

"I'm going to stop you right there, Kelly," Dirk interrupted. Lois snorted, figures she'd have a stupid name like 'Kelly' to go with her looks and mindless regurgitation of someone probably to unattractive to face a camera. She ignored the corner of her brain reminding her of an old school friend and a favourite teacher at college both called Kelly in favour of imagining TV Kelly's parents had named her that in anticipation of her being an idiot.

"These children may not be fully human, that's biological fact even they couldn't deny, but no one should be standing up and claiming they're not people."

"Well, no," Kelly assured him, laughing nervously as they reached a line even the network wouldn't touch. That was something at least, Lois thought.

"You know," Dirk started, "I think this is the start of something big for this world, we've known aliens exist since Superman arrived, it is only a matter of time before we're out there meeting them, now, if Superman- or Clark or whatever we're calling him, is telling the truth about how hard it was for him to get here then, hey, maybe it won't happen in our lifetimes, or even our kids but don't we want to be ready, don't we want to be able to say, yeah, we had people from other planets living here and we treated them like one of our own, that's what Earth hospitality is."

"You're talking about, what, changing the Constitution?"

"Hey, the Constitution's what says they're American citizens with all the rights and privileges of one already. I'm talking go further, the Bill of Human Rights, now that hasn't been right for almost three decades now, there's been talk before of including Superman but we need to go beyond just saying, 'hey, you're as good as humans' and say 'hey, you're not human, or not fully human and that's cool too'. C'mon, the Bill of Human and Kryptonian Rights'? Doesn't that sound amazing?"

The woman smiled nervously and tilted her head to one side, listening to her earpiece. "I'm sorry, Dirk, I'm going to have to stop you there, we're out of time."

The screen switched back to the main studio. "Well, some interesting thoughts there from Dirk Trent and Kelly Eldred," the presenter said with a quick eyebrow life, clearly Lois wasn't the only one thinking Dirk was probably getting fired on the spot. "Of course the country is still waiting on official word from the White House, many wondering why a statement has taken a week already. There are unconfirmed reports that the President is going to be at Clark Kent's press conference tomorrow though-"

Lois turned it off just as Clark walked back in. After twenty-two years of marriage she should have known better than to think she had saved him from hearing it though.

"Sounds like Dirk Trent is going to get a severe talking to," he said casually.

"How's Lucy?" Lois asked.

"She's upset," Clark told her, accepting the change of subject, "she was really worried about what Ella thought of her."

"Ella knows her sister by now," Lois sighed, "they all do."

"That's what I told her." Clark nodded. "I think she's been thinking we'd pull her out of school since it happened and when we sent her back today she was starting to relax…"

"Only to get scared into thinking we were going to do it today," Lois finished, nodding with him.

"We were," Clark reminded her. "I'm still not sure we shouldn't."

"Give Dean a chance," Lois told him. "I know he's young and you can keep an eye on him until you're sure he can handle it but I think he can."

"I don't doubt Dean," Clark told her. She would have to remind him to tell his son that too. "I just…"

"Why don't we talk more in the morning? Nothing can't be changed or adjusted later," she reminded him, "even Lucy will understand that. Eventually," she added, hoping it was true. "Mayb-" she started before a yawn cut her off.

"Maybe you should get some sleep," Clark suggested with a smile.

"Just because I'm not solar-powered," Lois muttered, "are you coming?"

"In a minute," Clark told her, remaining in his place, just sitting on his bed staring at the wall.


A 'clunk' behind him made Clark turn and he saw his wife placing one of her handguns on her bedside table. A quick glance with his x-ray vision confirmed it was fully-loaded, though the safely was on, which was something.

The house was almost completely silent. The intense conversation had tired everyone out it seemed, even Chris was sleeping soundly, though Brown Bear, his favourite teddy, who he had decided several months ago he was to old for, was being firmly cuddled in his arms.

He decided not to comment on the gun, though Lois could probably draw as much from his silence as she could from anything he said about it. He didn't like guns but Lois had owned one since she was sixteen and she hadn't given it up just because she had married Superman.

Over the years she had stopped carrying one everywhere she went but she still maintained them and practiced regularly and it had surprised Clark when he found, far from being bothered, he was less worried when she had resumed carrying one again this past week.


"Sorry, I was… thinking," Clark told her. That was going to turn into Superman's new catch-phrase if he wasn't careful. Though somehow it didn't seem to pack the same inspirational punch as 'Truth and Justice' did.

The thought made him smile.

"Try and get some sleep," Lois suggested, yawning widely. "It's been a long day," she sighed, switching her light off and climbing into bed.

She was asleep almost before her head hit the pillow but Clark remained sitting for a moment longer. Then another.

The Taylors next door were still awake too, arguing about something. Downstairs the newborn on the fifth floor started crying again. Clark heard it all but he wasn't listening. He was considering.

It was so late it was almost early by the time he decided if he waited any longer he'd lose his nerve. But he'd kept stranger hours and if he was to sort this out before the press conference then he wasn't the only one who wasn't going to be getting much sleep tonight.

He pulled out his nice suit- the one without coffee stains where he'd 'accidentally' spilled it on himself. A good tie to match too, also devoid of coffee encounters.

Lois woke up when he started putting his shoes on. "Where are you going?" she asked, a note of concern in her voice.

Clark told her and she relaxed, smiling at him from the bed. "Now that's my husband," she murmured sleepily, with a contented sigh.

"I'll be back for breakfast," he promised, kissing her as she sunk back in to the pillows. She was sleeping again already, though she always claimed to sleep better with him beside her she was happy enough with the knowledge he wasn't running off to parts unknown without her this time.

Clark did long to lie back down with her but he knew he had to do this. With one last check in the mirror he threw a longing look back to his glasses before stepping out the balcony door and taking off into the night.

There was someone very important he needed to talk to.


A/N: Apologies to anyone named Kelly :P I hope it's obvious Lois' thoughts were only like that because of what was being said. I know a ton of people called Kelly, from very smart to complete bimbos, I chose it just because it seemed like a common name. Again, no offence intended.

Reviews are love!


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Clois Flight

Yay, Revelations is back! \O/

I finally got caught up just the other day (reading for SMFA noms ^_~), so I didn't miss a beat here. I'm so, *SO* glad that Clark and Lois didn't wind up taking the kids out of school. And I just love that Dean was so quick to offer to help out (he's such a good kid :D), even while Sophie threw her minor temper tantrum with Lucy. :p Maybe Clark and Lois will learn that they're stronger as a team and a family if they find solutions and make decisions *together*.

*loves this 'verse so much* ^____^ *applauds*

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SR; Clois; &

Been a while, hasn't it :P

At least you weren't forced to wait like everyone else. Stupid absent muse... *grumbles* I really didn't want them out of school either but Clark really couldn't see any other way, of course he really does need to learn to ask for help, even from his kids. Dean is pretty cool, and he did need a job :P

Sophie's outburst was actually fun to write. I like writing her, she's just at the point where she's convinced she's an adult and can handle it all by herself but under pressure she reminds people she is still quite young :P

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying this 'verse, I've got so much more to write in it!

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Oh, sweetie, that was wonderful. I've missed this family so much. *hugs them tight*

Even the bickering. It probably felt good for everyone to let it out. I'm so happy they worked something out. You know how much I love Dean. Wow, only eighteen and so responsible. You don't want know what I was doing at 18! Like Dean, I didn't want to go to college; I wanted a job responsibilities. Hopefully, this 'crisis' will turn a corner at some point and he may want to rethink his decision about furthering his education. I hope he does.

You know I loved all of Lois and Clark's talks with their kids. So, so nice. Please give us more as soon as you can...

*hugs* And thank you!:D

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Revelations; Family

Me too! So glad the muse decided to come out of hiding :P

So true, besides in the end Clark probably would have been more worried had no one bickered. With six kids there's barely a day in that house without an argument between the siblings :P

Everyone loves Dean :P I so did not ever expect him to be this popular! He is so mature for 18, I was not like that at all (still not really :P). When I first started I tried to write him more like a teenager sometimes but it just didn't work and he wouldn't let me in the end :P

Hopefully, this 'crisis' will turn a corner at some point and he may want to rethink his decision about furthering his education. I hope he does.

I don't think I can respond to this without being spoilery but I really want too! :P

I love writing the talks with the kids so you shouldn't be low on them while you're reading this :P

*hugs* And thank you for commenting!

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Love this family! You've done such a great job with them! I can't wait to see who Clark is going to go talk to.

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Wow, don't know what happened here, sorry this reply is so late!

Thanks so much, I'm really quite amazed at the response this family's gotten. I didn't expect people to take to them as well as they have.

You'll see soon who Clark's gone to have a chat with. I'm not sure if it's going to seem obvious or not once you know :P

Thanks for commenting!

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