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Grace [userpic]

Eligible Fics 2010

June 6th, 2010 (06:58 pm)

I'm feeling: bouncy

Not sure what it says about my life :P but 22 fics I wrote are eligible for awards this year. Poison just ducks in with the last chapter uploaded on June 1st last year :P All my fics are eligible as I've never won anything before so here they are.

I listed them by the 'verse they're in, with stand-alones at the bottom. If I have 'Kent Family' for the characters, it's the family in that 'verse (obviously, but just thought I'd say anyway :P) and it's because generally writing out all the kids names in any verse takes up too much space :P


He Knows (941 words|Clark/Lois)

In A Name (1,931 words|Superman/Lois)

A Wise Choice (621 words|Clark/Lois)

Career Change (1,485 words|Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent)

Love Story (2,444 words|Clark/Lois, Kent Family)

The Bestest Present Ever (2,557 words|Lucy Kent, Eleanor Kent)

Two To Tango (1,277 words|Clark/Lois)

Family Picnic (2,073 words|Clark/Lois, Kent Family)

A Chance Worth Taking (1,724 words|Jason/Evelyn Jones)

Not Given Lightly (3,677 words|Jason/Evelyn Jones)

Revelations (95,234 words, Clark/Lois, Kent Family)

Over The Rainbow (972 words| Richard White, Jason Kent)


A Neoteric Sobriquet (764 words|Clark/Lois)

Hoedown Throwdown (3,490 words|Skye Kent, Martha Kent, Clark Kent)

Balance (2,601 words|Clark/Lois)

Poison (34,122 words|Clark/Lois, Kent Family)


To All A Good Night (2,562 |Gemma Out/Ryan Sandler)


Five Times The Fun (9,815 words|Clark/Lois, Jason Kent)

I Saw Mommy Kissing Superman (2,279 words|Clark/Lois, Kent Family)


Better To Hope (AU, 1,978 - words|Clark/Lois, Zod, Ursa, Non)

When You Call (2,172 words|Clark/Lois)

Lessons (931 words|Jason Kent, Clark Kent)


Posted by: Obsessed fangirl (babettew54)
Posted at: June 6th, 2010 12:16 pm (UTC)
SR - Brandon smiles

Wow, so many!! I have a lot of reading to do! Thank goodness for my trip in a few weeks!! I have a lot of printing to do!!

Good luck, hon!! *hugs*

Posted by: Grace (repmetsyrrah)
Posted at: June 6th, 2010 12:26 pm (UTC)
Comic; S&CKJr; Flying glomp; textless

Thanks! Good luck to you too!

I know, I couldn't believe it when I was compiling the list. I really hope someone thinks they're good enough to win something this year!

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