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Alright, this is the start of a hopefully soon complete eBook library of all my fics. I started this as a way to take all my fics with me so I can check continuity and stuff when I'm writing without a way to get the rest of my stories but I've decided I may as well put them here in case anyone else wants them. If I get permission from authors I may upload other people's fanfics that I've converted to eBooks as well (or link to where they have themselves).

Currently I only have ePub and MOBI formats. Please tell me if you need another one.

If you have an iPhone or an iTouch I highly recommend the free Stanza app (just search the app store for it). If you don't have these or any other eBook reader you can download Adobe Digital Editions for free to your computer or laptop to keep the books for offline reading. It is a fantastic ePub reader and allows you to create different bookshelves for all your eBooks.

Set 7 years post SR, Lois and Clark are happily married but when a virus that only targets Kryptonian DNA attacks more than one person the Kents find themselves fighting not only for their lives but their secret as well.
Download the ePub
Download the MOBI

Note: This is the first multi-chapter fic I ever completed. As of such I don't consider it my best work but I hope you enjoy it for what it was: my first real try. *nostalgic sigh*

Five Times The Fun
Jason's always wanted a little brother or sister and Lois and Clark deliver- five times over. Jason's about to get more than he bargained as the Kent quintuplets join the world.
Download the ePub
Download the MOBI
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